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  • New World Guide: How to Get More Storage Space in New World

    As you explore the large continent in New World, you may collect a lot of materials during travel. While, the storage is limited at first. Do you want to know how to get more storage space in the game? Players can use Cheap New World Coins to collect rare materials for crafting good gear in the game.   How Storage Works...

    2024-02-28 09:28:34

  • New World Weapon Guide: How to Find the Best Weapon Combos in New World

    In the process of playing New World, there are different kinds of weapons for players to choose. While, it is not easy for players to select the weapon that is suitable for characters’ attributes in the game. Do you want to find the best weapon combos for your characters in New World? You can read this article and learn from the gu...

    2022-11-24 09:12:26

  • New World Brimstone Sands Update: New Map, New Story and Greatswords in New World

    Amazon Games has announced that there will be a big update called the Brimstone Sands for New World in October. Players will see new map, new storyline, and new greatswords weapon in this new update. We will tell you the information we have collected in this article and you can learn more about the Brimstone Sands update. Players can use...

    2022-09-06 09:02:33

  • New World Gems Guide: How to Get More Gems For Improving Weapons in New World

    Many New World players are eager about gems in the game, because they can use gems to furnish their weaponry and enhance the ability of characters instead. It is usually not easy for players to get enough gems in the process of exploration. Here are some essential tips for you to learn how to get more gems in New World. You can use New W...

    2022-07-15 09:05:47

  • New World New Update Guide: New Changes about PVP And Combat During Playing

    Although there are a lot of problems in the MMORPG New World, the developer Amazon Games keeps planning to release the new update to solve the previous problems and add new contents to attract players’ attention. The new update for New World is coming for players. If you are wondering what changes in the new version, you can read t...

    2022-05-06 08:55:39

  • New World Game Guide: How to Make the Best Ice Gauntlet Build in New World

    When it comes to the Ice Gauntlet in New World, most players think that it is one of the most versatile weapons, which provides crowd control and ranged damage. As one of the most effective weapons in New World, many players choose to use the Ice Gauntlet to make ranged damage towards enemies in the game. So they want to know how to make...

    2022-01-12 09:21:17

  • New World Game Guide: How to Obtain The Hope Storage Chest in New World

    When playing New World for a long time, most players are expecting to enlarge their storage in the game in order to store more and more items during questing. Players who are eager to upgrade their crafting skills in the game are eager to gain more storage for their rare materials. So, they want to know how to obtain the Hope Storage Che...

    2022-01-06 09:20:55

  • Bug filled New World has lost close to 90% of players since launch

    Amazon Games' first successful game, New World, shook up the MMORPG scene when it was released in October and quickly climbed to the top of the most popular Games on Twitch and Steam. The game has attracted a large install base with its heavy focus on combat and large-scale PvP activities. However, with few legends and overly repetitive ...

    2021-12-14 08:49:39

  • Due to the serious loss of players, Amazon will merge the New World game server

    More than two months after the launch of Amazon's "New World", the number of simultaneous online users on Steam exceeded 130,000, but compared to the 900,000 simultaneous online users at its peak, the loss of players was serious. With the passage of time, the need for server consolidation in the "New World" has become...

    2021-12-08 08:50:48

  • New World How to Level Up Weapons Fast

    What is the fastest way to level up weapons in the new world? How do you level up weapons in new world? How do you increase weapon mastery in new world? Want to know the answer concerning these questions, and then you are at the right place!   Expeditions The expedition is part of the main story of "New World". Your first e...

    2021-11-25 08:48:46

  • New World lose over 75% of players through server merges

    According to the developers in the official forum of "New World", "New World" is about to merge servers.   This comes via a New World forum thread from yesterday (November 6) that asks for world merges due to some content being gated behind server numbers, to which a developer responds: “World merges are on the hori...

    2021-11-09 08:50:13

  • New World Money Making Guide: How to Earn NW Coins and Gold Fast

    Earning money is a long process, which is important to enhance your adventure! In a word, money is the life blood of Amazon's New World MMO. So, how do you get New World Coins fast and easy?     Collect all the loot and sell the items Collect all the loot and sell the items that may be useful to other players through ...

    2021-10-12 08:55:17

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