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  • Fallout 76 Mutation Farming: what are they and how do you get one?

    Do you know what Fallout 76 Mutation is? And how do you farm Fallout 76 Mutation? If you want to know the answer, then you just need to follow this short article.     What is Fallout 76 Mutation? Fallout 76 Mutations are a new system that adds benefits and consequences to being irradiated. One of the most exciting new mechanics...

    2020-04-02 08:44:16

  • Aion Guide: How to Make and Farm Aion Kinah fast

    Aion is a MMORPG developed and published by NCSOFT. Features multiple classes division and various of mobs and maps, the game story happened in the world of Atreia. AION Kinah Gold is the in-game currency, which will help you get throung the leveling up stage of throughout the whole game. This article helps you to get the best ways to farm AION Kin...

    2020-03-31 08:47:35

  • FGO Saint Quartz Farming Guide: How to Get Fate/Grand Order Saint Quartz Fast

    Fate/Grand Order Saint Quartz, which is used to summon 1-3 Rarity Servants, Craft Essences and Hero Crystals. It also can refill AP and continue battles in the event that the party is wiped out. FGO fans absolutely know the importance of FGO Saint Quartz. Since it is necessary to equip yourself with FGO Saint Quartz, that is the reason we are here ...

    2020-03-27 08:46:47

  • FGO Season 2 Guide: Fate/Grand Order Brings New Solomon Anime

    Published by Aniplex, the online free-to-play role-playing video game Fate/Grand Order became the year's sixth highest-grossing mobile game, which can be played it on iOS and Android platforms. A good news is that there will be a update of Fate/Grand Order, bringing the season two of New Solomon Anime.     ‘Fate/Grand ...

    2020-03-24 08:46:27

  • Rainbow Six Siege How to Get Renown PS4 and PC: Fastest Way to Earn Renown

    There are two major currencies in Rainbow Six Siege, the first is R6 Credits, another is R6 Renown. This article will talk about the second one, relating the fastest way to farm Rainbow Six Siege Renown.     Watch the Tutorials While the thought of watching instructional videos may sound unappealing at first, you’ll rece...

    2020-03-19 08:50:33

  • GTA 5 How to Register as VIP CEO, the way to become a VIP in Grand Theft Auto V

    In Grand Theft Auto V, you need to become a VIP or CEO to be able to access some of the planning and scouting features of the GTA 5. But do you know the way to register as VIP or CEO? If you want to know the answer, just follow this article.     VIPs are defined roles of employer and employee – who work together to succeed...

    2020-03-17 08:43:25

  • PUBG Update 1.38 brings Team Deathmatch and Cross Party Play on PS4 and Xbox One Consoles

    Update 1.38 (6.2) has launched on PUBG, which brings loads of general changes, improvements, adjustments, and much more, for instance, it releases Team Deathmatch and Cross Party Play on PS4 and Xbox One Consoles. Below you can find everything we know about this Patch Notes.     Team Deathmatch The long-requested Team Deathmatc...

    2020-03-12 08:56:17

  • Apex Legends How to Equip Skydive Emotes: the use of Skydive Emote PC/PS4

    Apex Legends Season 2 has added Skydive Emotes to the game, but skydiving doesn’t always have to be the same each time. Do you know how to equip Skydive Emotes with some awesome emotes? If you want to know the answer, just follow this short article.     How to get skydiving emotes in Apex Legends? First of all these emote...

    2020-03-10 08:40:55

  • Temtem Weekly Reset from March 2 to March 8, Saipark details and Freetem reward

    This week's reset of Temtem is from March 2 to 8, which is concerning about the Saipark and FreeTem! And it can bring some rewards of Temtem, lumas, cosmetics, items and more. Let's see in details.     Every week, the goals and rewards change. This reset takes place on Monday morning, so we recommend that you complete yo...

    2020-03-05 08:45:47

  • Apex Legends Guide: How to Get Heirlooms on PC

    Apex Legends Heirlooms are an even rarer type of cosmetic than legendaries, but do you know how to unlock them? If you want to figure out the answer, just follow this short article. When opening crates in-game, you've most likely never come across Apex Legends heirlooms. In fact, you’re more likely to find those favourite socks ...

    2020-03-03 08:54:19

  • How to Get League of Legends Riot Points for Free, LOL RP Farming Guide

    League of Legends Riot Points is the important currency of LOL, which can speed up the process of the gameplay. If you want to figure out how to farm LOL RP, then you just need to follow this short article.     What can we do with LOL RP? Riot Points can only be used in the League of Legends in-game store, and anything you purc...

    2020-02-28 08:57:06

  • How to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile Android/IOS

    PUBG Mobile UC is PUBG Mobile’s in-game currency which you’re only able to attain by spending real-world currency. We now offer you a shortcut to obtain Cheap PUBG Mobile Unknown Cash. We offer it with unbeatable price, 100% security insurance, timely refund with fast delivery. Another way is by farming, if you want to fi...

    2020-02-26 08:26:48

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