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News List

  • FIFA 18 TOTW 13 Prediction Update Wednesday

    FIFA 18 TOTW 13 Predictions will see us the awesome squad consists of most hard-working players who presented very well during the previous week in all tiers of league matches. There’s a very important hearsay: EA never elect secondary league players at all, they only pay attention to Premier League or UEFA Champions League. You never know. E...

    2017-12-13 09:38:05

  • Which Is the Best Choice for Diablo 3 Barbarian Build?

    Barbarian is a basic class in Diablo 3, firstly debut in Diablo 2, now comeback again in D3 with a set of revised skills. It’s a tank class, features massive melee combat advantages, which can absorb huge damage to protect allies. The skill resource of the barbarian is fury, which is generated through attacking enemies, getting attacked by en...

    2017-12-13 09:28:02

  • Luna Online Guide for Beginners Only

    Welcome to Luna Online Beginners’ Guide! This Guide is aims at players merely attended in the game or new players who don’t know how to level up efficiently in the game.   Races and Classes Tank and Mage are always the most popular two classes in all kinds of MMORPG, so does Luna Online. But classes aren’t everything, sinc...

    2017-12-13 09:05:43

  • Madden Mobile December Update & Zero-cost Leveling Tips

    On the threshold of winter season, EA Sports finally released the first winter update for Madden Mobile franchise in December. This update including three new elements: League Leveling, League Survival, and League Bank. It’s a platitude update without substantial contents I think. It just requires players to play the game endlessly in order t...

    2017-12-12 09:42:30

  • Revelation Online Awesome Glitch to Make Tons of Aurums

    Intro Revelation Online features multiple classes and grand opened world map and numerous quests and beautiful scenarios, it’s one of the best casual massive multiplayer online role-playing games in the world, most suitable for teens and office men. If you feel like good when playing Revelation Online, you can make a further step in it by bu...

    2017-12-12 09:25:22

  • NBA 2K18 Funny News and Diversified Marketing

    Michael Jordan Tongue Glitch   2K Games released a patch for NBA 2K18, in order to solve the display glitch of Michael Jordan’s distorted tongue. Cbssports reported that the fix up project was failed and the tongue did not has any change compared with the old one. Have you played Michael Jordan after the patch released? Did you find th...

    2017-12-12 09:16:19

  • FIFA 18 Guide for FUT Mode Starters

    FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, is a hybrid game mode of online & offline, PvP & PvE, Collecting & Trading elements, in which players can enjoy the pure joy of the competition without too much imbalanced in-game purchases. When you finish the “tutorial mode”, the FIFA 18 Journey Season 2, you will be rewarded your first FUT card, it&...

    2017-12-11 09:54:13

  • Madden NFL 18 Player Rating Adjustments

    EA Sports issued #13 player rating adjustment document for PS4 & Xbox One, concentrated on most striving rookies plus decreasing veterans as well. Although the Madden NFL 18 is the unparalleled American football video game on market, EA Sports seems facing great pressure push forward its update diligently as always. Same with NBA Live 18 & ...

    2017-12-11 09:35:33

  • Star Trek Online 2017 Winter Update

    Arc Games issued the Star Trek Online winter edition update for all PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms yesterday. This update contains new battle fleets, new captains, miracle workers, bridge officers, and many new events update. PC gamers also get some fresh items, such as: Foundry fundctions, Demo Record tweaks, Queue UI updates, and a new weekly ev...

    2017-12-11 09:24:26

  • Roblox Game Mode Collections & Robux

    Check the latest Roblox News and Guide, improve your gameplay, conquer more maps and bosses. We now collected and combed the most useful tips for you Roblox gamers. If you find this guide helpful, please us know, we’ll do better later.   Create Your Roblox Account When someone creates a Roblox account there are several diffe...

    2017-12-08 09:31:54

  • Kal Online Guide for Character Building Not Leveling!

    Kal Online is a traditional MMORPG features various farming, venturing, battling gameplay plus social media function for games chatting in-game. Players build their unique characters by modifying the appearance, shape, initial abilities, and birthplace. Beginning at the Lv.1, player must follow the tutorial to get familiar with the basic control an...

    2017-12-08 09:23:15

  • FIFA 18 TOTW 12 Lineup Released - Awesome 92 Rated Gea!

    FIFA 18 Team of the Week News Station welcome all gamers of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Let’s us ushering you look around the full roster of TOTW 12, whether there’s worthy purchase or not, all depend on yourself. FIFA 18 TOTW 12 Lineup  Starting XI GK – Gea – OVR 92 – Manchester United –...

    2017-12-08 09:08:46

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