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News List

  • Dofus How to Reset Skills and Characteristics for Free

    Dofus isn’t a typical MMORPG, we shall call it a casual game rather than competitive games due to the reason of the graphics are in the cartoon style instead of realism style. I’m not saying that the game does not suitable for adult, but teens are the most welcomed players for the game. The game can be run on Flash, Android, PC, Linux a...

    2018-04-26 09:06:15

  • Swordsman Online How to Change Class and Reset Skills

    Online Game Swordsman Online now is four years old since its debut, Perfect World has reaped the fruit of their most popular online game Swordsman Online and about to release the new edition of the game in 2018 soon. Perfect World is one of the well-known online game entrepreneur in China, The Jade Dynasty is one of the most successful online game ...

    2018-04-26 08:55:35

  • Rose Online Universal Leveling Guide for All Classes Starters

    Rose Online is not the most popular MMORPG, but it’s one of the best designed online game that suitable for all tiers ages of gamers. The currency of Rose Online has a unique name called Zuly, which is different with most of current MMORPG. Although the name is weird, the usage and function is similar with those common to see coins or gold. P...

    2018-04-25 09:09:02

  • Best Roblox Scripting Guide for Beginners 2018

    If you have programming basic knowledge or you’ve been working in software company using Java, Delphi, Python, or CPP you will easily understand this article listed code examples. If you regular customers do not specialized on computer or programming, this guide will also help you to achieve the aim. You need not to figure the code&...

    2018-04-25 08:51:15

  • How to Apply Mods in your Trove Visible to Yourself

    If you try hard, there are no aims that you cannot achieve in your lifetime, and Trove provide the highest possibility for gamers to be awesome with multi-methods. Trove mounts cannot be used when you get into combat, but it can increase your movement speed and travelling efficiency, and also full of appreciation value. Every gamer want to get a de...

    2018-04-24 08:42:38

  • The Guesses of New Platform of Madden 19 – Nintendo Switch Portable Console

    FIFA 19 will be released in mid-September this year in 2018 quarter three, with full surprises and astonishing new features. If you want to have an earlier view of the game, please closely keep following the upcoming worldie duo online game exhibition and exposition during June to July, they are the E3 Expo and EA Play. Although the EA Play is the ...

    2018-04-24 08:36:59

  • Last Empire War Z Guide for Mirth Maker

    The MMO Strategy Game Last Empire War Z is a popular mobile phone game developed by IM30 Game Studio and published by the same company in 2015, and has amasses millions of gamers around the world from more than 220 countries. As far as I know, there are only 220 countries on Earth, so is it told us the game has been popular in all over the world? A...

    2018-04-23 09:10:48

  • FIFA 19 First Review Commentary 2018 Q3 Release Conference

    CEO of EA Sports announced the projects of 2018 Q3 that will arouse an overwhelming wave of online game industry. The soon to be seen FIFA 19 sequel will be released in September again, and what’s more, till now we haven’t got any information about the construction of the game and its new engine. If you think only the change of Ignite t...

    2018-04-17 09:18:18

  • Wakfu Best Tips for Blitzing & Leveling Quest Line Recommend

    Best three tips of Blitzing Fighting Tricks and PvP are here on Wakfu Guide Station. If you’ve been annoying by the tedious leveling process but you still want to enjoy the funny of the game with your friends in Wakfu, you may need a guide of fast leveling strategy and awesome tricks of playing well the game in every aspects. If thi...

    2018-04-17 08:54:41

  • DDTank Calculation of Trajectory and Windage of Shooting

    DDTank is a relentless online video game, that has been released for more than five years. Sappy gamers will be happy when they find their account level up. Get it involved in teens and adulthoods, you will make more friends both males and females around the world. If you want to neglect the unhappy content or gaming experience in the game, you nee...

    2018-04-16 08:57:37

  • NBA 2K18 Ball Control Tips for Starters on PS4

    Sony Entertainment PS4 is still the major market of NBA 2K18, and also NBA Live18. Both of basketball simulation video game treat the PlayStation as their most important territory rather than Xbox One. 2K18 provides a close-to-real-life mechanism of physical of trajectory and windage of ball shooting and passing as well as rebounding on ground and ...

    2018-04-16 08:52:53

  • Five Online Games Similar to 9Dragons Even More Popular 2018

    9Dragons is an online video game features a sleek Arabic number plus English vocabulary name, but it’s a pure Chinese company developed and released game. The number 3 or 9 represent the power or right in Chinese convention. If you want to know more history and legend about the dragon, or you want to know more about China, you can play the ga...

    2018-04-14 10:29:11

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