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News List

  • Comprehensive Guide of NHL 17 – Gamplay, Special Moves, Strategies

    NHL 17 is the best ice hockey simulation game in the world, developed and published by EA Sports on 2016. Published on PS4 and XboxOne, no PC version, NHL 17 franchise mode has gained a humongous of praise amongst video gamers. Although EA Sports has made it the best ice hockey simulation game, it has difference with real-life’s sports. You p...

    2017-05-24 09:16:08

  • FIFA Mobile of Coins Hand Farm Guide

    FIFA Mobile, developed by EA Sports and published for iOS/Android devices in 2016. Some players will call it ‘FIFA 17 Mobile’ or ‘FIFA Mobile 17’, it doesn’t matter. As the most popular football simulation mobile game, FIFA Mobile offers a new way for football fanatics that to play the game anytime anywhere!&nbs...

    2017-05-23 08:53:38

  • NBA 2K17 Fanatics Look at Here – Premier Operation Guide!

    NBA 2K17, a basketball simulation video game subordinate to 2K Sports. Been published on Sony PS3/PS4, Microsoft Windows/Xbox360/XboxOne, NBA 2K17 had received widespread praise and recognition worldwide.   As a simulation game which, like other games for example FIFA 17, players mainly plays NBA basketball games with real-life experience or...

    2017-05-22 09:29:36

  • Dofus Touch Kamas Farming Premium Guide

    Dofus Touch is a peaceful planet village over which dwellerd the magic of the Dofus villager, six dragon eggs, symbols of power and rights. The game has been translated into many other languages, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. Its is basically a Pay-to-Play game with in-game cash items. Dofus Touch takes place in “The World...

    2017-05-20 08:52:52

  • Trove Guides & Tips– Flux Farm Chapter

    Trove Flux is the in-game currency of the game, which you will need to buy or upgrade or mend your weapons, gears, mounts and more. The use of Trove Flux in the game just like cash in real life, you can do nothing without money. In order to save money and time, we find some useful tips for you to avoid detouring in the game. Let’s get down to...

    2017-05-19 09:20:17

  • NHL 18 Recent News – New Features, HUT Champion, Tweaks

    NHL 18, the next generation of NHL 17, now under developing of EA Sports, and will be published on 12 September 2017, the second Tuesday of September. As NHL 17 reachs a helfway point of its game life, there’s one thing that we know clearly: EA Sports are striving hard to make the NHL franchise the best ice rockey game ever, though the curren...

    2017-05-18 09:04:43

  • How to make / earn more FIFA 17 Coins?

    FIFA 17 is the unparalleled football simulation game in the world, developed and published by EA Sports for PS4 , Xbox One, and PC. Features Career Mode, Ultimate Team, Squad Building Challenges, FUT Champions, Transfer Market, and more, it has marched into its twilight ages of TOTW 35. Although many people quit the game as soon as they finished th...

    2017-05-17 09:39:32

  • Aion guide: How to start PVP?

    Aion is a MMORPG like WOW, but different in pvp or pve between times. Features grand world map, two major opposit factions, plenty of class, weapons, items, mounts and spells, the Aion world was full of fantasy ventures.   PVP in Aion comes into two major types. First is the Abyss, which is a PVPVE area of the game where battle can be done a...

    2017-05-16 09:01:11

  • NBA 2K18: New Features, Improvements, Release Date, Platform

    NBA 2K18 is an upcoming NBA basketball simulation videl game developed by 2K Sports. The current gen version of the game was built on the Eco-Motion engine, which made its debut in the PS4 and Xbox One of NBA 2K14. It will beon Nintendo Switch to become the first 2K series to be on Nintendo console since NBA 2K13 on Wii U.   GamePlay &nd...

    2017-05-15 08:51:52

  • FIFA Mobile Tips for Elite Trophies & Coins Glitches

    FIFA mobile is the pocket edition of the most popular football sim-oriented video game. It’s a free-to-play game on the surface, but you will struggle on accumulate FIFA Mobile Coins from the beginning to end in order to buy elite players.     The graphics of the pocket edition of FIFA 17, the FIFA mobile are not as good as th...

    2017-05-12 09:03:15

  • Forza Horizon 3: Blizzard Mountain DLC – Amazing Drive Experience

    Horza Horizon 3 is an open world racing video game published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox One and Windows. Features a four-player cooperative multiplayer campaign and cross-platform play, FH3 also expand the map twice the size of that in FH2.   Forza Horizon 3’s first DLC Blizzard Mountain has arrived, which brought us an unpreced...

    2017-05-11 09:40:14

  • Revelation Online: Guides of Mounts, Leveling, Gearing

    Revelation Online is a MMORPG developed by NetEase published on 2013. In Europe and North America, it was published by The game combined PVP and PVE elements in a Chinese fantasy background.   Features open world, PVE, PVE, Multiple-classes, mounts battle, aerial battle, multiple language supported English, French, German, and Russia...

    2017-05-10 09:12:04

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