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  • Where to Find Bigfoot on Twisted Paths Maps And How To Defeat Them

    Bigfoot is a relatively powerful boss added in the Crimsonwood. Bigfoot is a pretty simple boss, it spawns in about 13 (roughly) different maps in Crimsonwood Forest. It has extremely high touch damage. This beast will hit you for upwards of 12,000 damage, however, its magic "stomp" attack is completely harmless. It has several frames whe...

    2018-10-18 09:02:07

  • Digimon Masters Online ReArise Novice Less Detours Raiders and Players Development Skills

    The game of Digimon ReArise is more difficult for novices, because the content of the game is more, the play is more complicated, and the hacker teaches the player how to get started quickly. Arena 15th, Elf Tower 21, Jewelry Challenge 25, Daily Replica 30, Elf Grab 35, Island King 45. See if there are any elves that can be upgraded, such as level,...

    2018-10-18 08:48:13

  • Some Fast And Easiest Ways to Unlock Legendary Equipment in MapleStory M

    Having good equipment is pretty much the essence of why we grind so hard in this game.  Better equipment means better damage output, means mobs and bosses die faster. In MapleStory M, basically, the equipment is ranked by Normal, Rare, Epic, Unique, Legendary and Mythic. When looking for a weapon, there are four aspects you will need to loo...

    2018-10-17 09:14:48

  • Tester and Other Muzzle Comparison in Rainbow Six Siege and Clash Secondary Weapon Utility

    Sparks can be a little uncomfortable on the cusp of the ventilator. The number of shots required to break the hatch is increased, the skill is weakened; the micro-shock is sharpened and the firearm is weakened. The micro-flushing distance is reduced, and even many people are replaced with pistols. Therefore, the importance of the 89 gun is further ...

    2018-10-17 08:52:07

  • Maplestory 2 Introduces A New Class Rune Blader, along with Other Important Improvements

    Maplestory 2, the all new MMORPG from the MapleStory franchise is available globally from October 10, 2018 via Nexon Launcher and Steam, along with a plethora of new changes. The game provides a robust set of character options, an innovative progression and growth system, and world-building tools, redefining the MMORPG genre by giving players the a...

    2018-10-16 09:36:53

  • FIFA Mobile New Season Is Coming Soon, Featuring A New Graphics Engine

    FIFA Mobile is the portable version of the popular FIFA franchise that one could play on their mobile phones if they are running a version of iOS or Android. EA Sports released the game in 2016 and is creating waves in the mobile gaming industry since then. A new season for FIFA mobile is coming soon, which will launch in November, with l...

    2018-10-16 09:00:08

  • Main Criticism against NBA 2K19 Revolves around My Career Mode and the Way 2K Games Keep

    NBA 2K19 is another yearly basketball game from 2K that has received a healthy dose of criticism from fans. This year is no exception but the user reviews are barely positive at all. Changes were made and some might argue the defense is now too powerful. One of the biggest changes to the game is the live ball. In NBA 2K19, it is much easier for a d...

    2018-10-16 08:48:56

  • Fortnite Android Beta Is Available Now to Everyone and How to Download It.

    Previously, if you you've wanted to get your hands on the Fortnite Android beta, you've had to sign up for an invitation. But Epic Games has now opened the beta up to everyone, no invite required. Fortnite on Android was first released as a Samsung Galaxy exclusive, with invites rolling out to select compatible devices. Now, any Android dev...

    2018-10-15 09:18:40

  • What Cars to Pick First and How to Download DLC Cars in Forza Horizon 4

    At the beginning of Forza Horizon 4, you get to choose a car but what car is best? There are three different choices including the Ford Focus RS, Audi TTS Coupe and Dodge Charger R/T. As with all vehicles in Forza Horizon games, each is totally unique in terms of stats, value and how it drives. Below is simple description of each of them. ...

    2018-10-15 09:08:43

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