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News List

  • ESO Guide for Beginners of Class Introduction - Dragonknight

    ESO is the best version of so the called stand-alone WOW for its grand worldview, diversified races and classes, medieval style of graphics and abundant mainline and branch line quests. Been published for PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One in 2014, The Elder Scrolls Online is a buy-to-play with an interior membership subscription. PvP was opened for players ab...

    2017-08-16 10:05:42

  • NHL 17 Best Budget Lineup for Non-Cash Player

    NHL 18 is coming soon, but we can take the rest of the time before NHL 18 debut to form up a decent lineup in NHL 17. Both teams dispatch six players to ice hockey rink for a match, including three forwards, two guards, one goalie. When the match near to end, the backward team will withdraw their goalie for a forward.   Most Expensive Pl...

    2017-08-16 09:05:34

  • Revelation Online Occultist Knacks Tips

    Revelation Online provides six classes for players to play with through the grand and fantastic world. The world includes an obscure background story and endows players with a game-long goal to protect the peace of the land.   Occultist is the emissary of soul world empress, monitoring the balance of soul world between human world. They util...

    2017-08-15 08:42:21

  • FUT 17 TOTW 48 Lineup Prediction Tuesday Edition

    FUT 17 includes total 52 team of the week issues, now it has gone to #48. All players who’ve never gain the in-form title ought to seize the final chance to act them themselves on the league matches to strive for the world-class rookie top honor. We will continuously update the last FIFA 17 Team of the Week progress. According to th...

    2017-08-15 08:35:36

  • LOL Garen Farming and Positioning Comprehensive Guide

    League of Legends provide total 130 heroes for gamers choose to battle in the three roads map. Heroes are divided into two kinds of existences, the melee and ranged. Today we’d like to introduce one of the melee heroes the Garen for you. Although all beginners like to play ranged heroes since the long range can protect and hide them behind th...

    2017-08-14 08:30:14

  • Trove Helmet Introduction Illustration

    Trove is a pixel-based MMORPG combines sandbox gameplay style. Although the game wasn’t developed under mainstream game engine like Unreal, Frostbite, Unity3D, CryEngine 3, HeroEngine, Rage Engine, Project Anarchy, GameSalad, GameMaker: Studio, App Game Kit, Cocos2D, and so on, the game provides us a very decent gameplay experience by its smo...

    2017-08-14 08:26:57

  • Star Trek Online Ground Skills Introduction & Guidance

    Star Trek Online has been free opened since 2012, during the past five years, the game has established a substantial gamer fundament in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia countries. Science-fiction based online game is an emerging video game industry, a science-fiction online video game that derived from a famous same name film is particular...

    2017-08-12 08:45:06

  • FIFA 18 Closed Beta Released in August 2017

    Every year prior to EA Sports franchise issues its staple product the FIFA franchise, there will be a testing version dispatched to vet gamers free. Actually, the beta version of FIFA contains full contents, with partially opened online function, to play will one month early before the official publish can be a proud thing to boast among your frien...

    2017-08-12 08:36:10

  • 2K Sports Issued Highlight Features of NBA 2K18 New August 10

    On the threshold of NBA 2K18 debut, 2K Sports issued the unbeknown features of the game today. NBA 2K18 franchise always be regarded as the most immersive basketball simulation video game to be the only rival of Electronic Arts Inc.’s NBA Live, which represented the highest standard of current video game graphics. NBA 2K franchise initially i...

    2017-08-11 09:15:11

  • FIFA 17 TOTW 47 Official Lineup Overview

    FIFA 17 is the most beloved football video game nowadays, and the most beloved mode in the game now published its #47 ultimate team lineup for FUT gamers. Will you take part in the weekly football feast and challenge most powerful rivals around the world. The FIFA 17 TOTW 47 lineup has been published for PS4, Xbox One, PC, now the in-form player ca...

    2017-08-11 09:01:53

  • Forza Horizon 3 Sports Car Performance & Album

    Forza Horizon 3 converges a batch of classic & concept vehicles for competition in the virtual Australia vast western plains and deserts. Never had a car racing video game provide such a large platform with considerable freedom for gamers to sweep through the length and breadth of the territory before FH3, counted the Need for Speed 18, Test Dr...

    2017-08-10 09:05:23

  • Black Dessert Online Gameplay Introduction - Witch

    Black Desert Online is the only online game I know, which features stand-alone game graphics standard with grand world outlook and affluent mainline quests. Compared with World of Warcraft, Black Desert Online has more lifelike polished graphics, more distinctive classes designation, much more larger seamless world map than most of previous MMORPG ...

    2017-08-10 08:59:34

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