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News List

  • EVE Online 2018 Update Adjusts Economy Development

    EVE Online Economy is an important part for gamers to exploit in, which can improve nearly every aspects of your game resources. If you have not enough ISK, it’s no problem because every newbie player doesn’t own it in initial stage. If you want to find some useful and legit methods to make more resources and money in EVE Online easy an...

    2018-02-24 09:34:28

  • Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team Price Boom Players Speculating Instructions

    To speculate player cards in MUT 18 feels like speculating stocks in exchange, because of the price rise or down are hard to predict by normal gamers, and there’re no professional institutions researching this market and the final price are largely rely on EA Sports’ backstage operation. This time maybe, is the last time that we predict...

    2018-02-24 09:22:22

  • FIFA 18 TOTW 23 Lineup & Speculation Tips Feb 23th – Best FUT TOTW Lineup Release Site!   If you want to get most timely FIFA 18, FIFA 19 Team of the Week Lineup information, we are the best choice for you: Not only TOTW lineup & speculation recommend, TOTW predictions, but also Cheap FUT Coins. Today is time for EA Sports update the weekly event the TOTW of FIFA 18 w...

    2018-02-23 09:19:05

  • Ultimate Game Card Win More with Cheap Points for Sale

    Ultimate Game Card is one of the most popular card playing game set in the world, be known as the pre-school educating tools and best amusement method for both teens and adults. It’s a great kit for playing at home with friends and families, no seasonal limitation nor players quantity barrier. You can play by yourself to train your gam...

    2018-02-23 08:55:19

  • Digimon Masters Fastest Way to Farm and Buy Tera

    Digimon Masters is a popular cartoon series on TV a decade before, but now it’s video game is still popular among teens and old fans around the world. The cartoon provides huge joy to us and which is the only one in its type and none imitation surpassed it. Every Digimon master need to collect and train monsters to fight with others to win re...

    2018-02-22 09:24:51

  • FIFA 18 SBC Sergio Aguero Cheapest Lineup for PS4 & Xbox One

    FIFA 18 94-rated Aguero IF card available in SBC mode, will be expired in 8 days, let’s get down to it. The Squad Building Challenges are a great place for every FIFA fan to replace their useless cards into better rated cards or in-game currency, but not for free, it always comes with a set of unique tasks. This time’s Sergio Aguero SBC...

    2018-02-22 09:10:58

  • Fallen Earth 2018 New Guide for Gamers PvP

    Fallen Earth is a MMO that lead the MMO to a new level by its unique system in farming, questing, fighting, and dungeoning. As the name indicated, Fallen Earth is an online video game that endows every gamer the life-long mission: to rescue the Earth from evil. From the lv 1, gamers need to follow all kinds of tutorial quests and instructions to ge...

    2018-02-21 09:25:00

  • WoW Paladin Build Guide for 7.3.5 Patch Tweaks

    WoW shall be the most successful MMORPG in the world, developed and published by Blizzard, and one of the most lucrative online game in the world. If you want to enjoy the worldie online game, you need to create an account and select one class and fraction as your start resource. Tribes or Alliances? No matter which fraction you choose, and no matt...

    2018-02-20 15:31:01

  • Bigger Business Makes FH3 Getting Spicy In Wild Tracks

    FH3 is getting hot. After the newest release, the game was injected with several new cars, the Porsche, PaganiLE, McLaren, and new parts for engine, suspension, tires, indicators, and turbos. All unlock items are available for FH3 gamers for free, but the unlocking quests are kinda amazing. Despite of those tweaks for supercars, the new features of...

    2018-02-17 12:35:12

  • FIFA 19 Isn’t Only a Game - Pro Tips for Rookies

    FIFA 19 is the newest football simulation video game developed and published by EA Sports for football fans that have PC, PS4, and Xbox One. There will be a Nintendo Switch edition, for its high capability for playing football simultaneously for two gamers on one screen and a pair of cute controllers. There are still no sound of Microsoft Scorpio, ...

    2018-02-17 12:22:44

  • Maestia Ranger Build Comeback for 2018 Winter

    Maestia is a fantasy 3D graphics online video game, attracts numerous gamers by its unique skill tree and battle system. There're no unfair cash items in the game that may influence the balance of the game. So also the game isn't so well-known, the gamers are all loyal fans of the game. If you have to conquer more, you can just leveling and...

    2018-02-12 09:16:17

  • FIFA 18 TOTW 21 Predictions Lineup and Speculation Advices

    FIFA 18 TOTW is the most concerned weekly event for FUT gamers, and one of the best way to enhance your team’s overall rating. You can directly get the IF players from FUT packs, and sell them in the market to make profits, if you have the same position IF card in your squad.   Once the Wednesday comes, all packs contains the new editi...

    2018-02-12 08:43:03

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