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News List

  • Roblox surpasses Minecraft with 100 million monthly active users

    The cross-platform sandbox game Roblox currently has over 100 million monthly active users, exceeding Minecraft monthly active users’ data. Both games are popular games around the world.   Roblox is one of the biggest video games in the world, although it goes relatively undiscussed in the games media. The free-to-play multiplayer game...

    2019-08-08 08:52:37

  • How to get the Jailbird Chicken Skin in Realm Royale

      Do you want to get Realm Royale Jailbird Chicken Skin? Follow this short article, you will find the answer.   Chickens are a core gameplay feature in Realm Royale. When a player loses all their hit points, they are turned into Chickens. Downed players will automatically revive from chicken status after 20 seconds. Chickens have...

    2019-08-07 09:05:48

  • Complete Guide Before Playing Aion: Aion 4 Classes Guide

    Aion is a 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by NCsoft Korea. It was operated by Shanda Games Agent in mainland China on April 16, 2009. The theme of the work is “War”. The story is about the conflict between the Dragon, the Lord God and the Dragon. Players can choose between the Tianzu and the Mozu, while ...

    2019-07-31 09:07:02

  • What are the update contents of the Division 2 TU5? You may not have found these changes!

    The Division 2 carried out a three-hour maintenance update at 3:30 pm on July 23, and the update was naturally the Title Update 5 (TU5) previously tested at pts. So here, this article will give you a brief introduction to the update content of this TU5 version. Ubisoft has also detailed the key features for this upcoming update. Titl...

    2019-07-30 08:57:10

  • Guide, Tips, and Strategies for Beginners in Realm Royale

    Have you ever played Realm Royale? If you are diving in for the first time blind, you’ll be a little confused. But don't worry, in this article, we will list guide, tips, and strategies for beginners in Realm Royale.   Choose your class carefully In Realm Royale, each player starts Realm Royale by choosing one of...

    2019-07-27 09:04:35

  • Fate Grand Order: Complete CE Bombs Guide

    CE Bombs is the most efficient way to leveling CEs on Fate\Grand Order. For new dummies who never heard it before, below is a complete CE Bombs guide posted by Rediditer “Unlimited Roll Works!”.   What are CE Bombs and why should I care? A CE bomb is the name given to those CEs which have ...

    2019-07-18 09:02:51

  • World of Kings: How to Pick Up Your Starter Class

    World of Kings is the latest mobile MMORPG on mobile and Android developed by Zloong. In the game, there are currently 9 classes to choose from in World of Kings, and each class has three different talent trees that each focus on powering up a specific aspect of the character. Some trees might make you more tanky, while other trees make you de...

    2019-07-17 08:58:29

  • Apex Legends Leak: Portable Respawn Beacon Coming Way to The Game

    A new Apex Legends leak points to that Respawn is adding - or at least considering - another game-changing item to Apex Legends: the Portable Respawn Beacon.   The leak comes way of a couple of sound file from Twitter user Shrugtal who recently discovered two of Wattson’s voice lines describing portable respawn beacons f...

    2019-07-16 09:01:04

  • Black Desert Online Xbox Players can Try Out Ninja Class Now

    After long time anticipation, The Ninja class is finally available in the Xbox version of Black Desert, who can embrace the shadows and deliver precise and deadly strikes on your enemies. In addition to the new class, the July 10 th update also adds two new guild bosses in the form of Ancient Puturum and Muskan of Madness. On, b...

    2019-07-12 08:46:46

  • Current Best Combos on Dota 2 Auto Chess

    As the huge fan of Auto Chess for many year, I think the strongest combo right now is just 6 Chess Spaces, and Druid as the Core. ( Lone, Enchant, Treant, Nature prop) + 4 space (since it so easy to rank all of it to +3)then we can Add variation behind it, such as:   Drow+Necro for Damage, Decrease enemy armor, + some Healing fro...

    2019-07-11 09:03:48

  • Apex Legends: How to Best Play Lifeline

    Lifeline, the hardcore support for your team. Equipped with a passive revive shield, faster than average self healing and reviving, a drone that heals in an aoe, and a super strong ultimate of a care package carrying meds, armor, and attachments.   I have played this character all the way to lvl 30 playing aggressively and passiv...

    2019-07-10 08:58:18

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