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BioWare new online game Anthem aroused much anticipation among ARPG gamers on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Microsoft Xbox Store and Sony PlayStation Store published the Anthem and its currency refill packs simultaneously. With enough supply of in-game currency the Anthem Shards and Anthem Coins, gamers are able to purchase useful items in the game, such as cosmetic items, weapon parts, blueprints, and emotes for their Javelin. The point is, Safe Anthem Shard packs on are much more cheaper than in in-game shop and official online store. We have the first-hand access to Anthem Shard Packs provider, and promise 100% safety for all of our products that on shelf currently. If you feel tedious of farming Anthem Coins from missions, or don't have enough time to waste on grindings, the best choice for you is to follow Mmocs. Pick up your Javelins from Ranger and Storm, utilize your unique ability to subdue your enemies for honor. Nevertheless, we are the best store for you to read latest Anthem Guide and News.

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News List

  • Anthem How to Get Coins: Best & Fast Way to Earn Anthem Currency

    There are three kinds of currencies in Anthem, including Coins, Shards and Crystals. This short guide is going to talk about the use of Anthem Coins & How to get Anthem Coins.     What can we do with Anthem Coins? Coins are used to purchase in-game appearance upgrades such as paints, vinyls, and armor packs but al...

    2020-05-15 08:40:14

  • Check Out Further Details for Anthem Cataclysm Event

    On Friday, BioWare shared us with first details about upcoming Anthem Cataclysm event, a limited-time end-game activity that will take place in near further during its live stream. In this here Anthem Cataclysm guide we’ll walk you through all the latest updates on the end game event. Anthem Cataclysm Event Overview  ...

    2019-06-03 08:51:45

  • Where To Farm High, Rare, And Epic Ember in Anthem

    Ember Pieces in Anthem become pretty integral to your crafting, grinding and general collecting progress as you make your way further into the game. If you've just started playing Anthem, you might be frustrated trying to find Ember, as the game doesn't really explain where to look. Instead of fumbling around in the dark, here are...

    2019-03-09 08:46:51

  • Anthem Guide: How To Get Multi-kills And Complete The Trial of Cariff tomb Challenge

    Multi-kills are a kind of feat in Anthem. To unlock it, you have to finish the Trial of Cariff tomb challenge, which tasks you to get 3 multi-kills in order to tick off certain feats. However, this challenges are not easy as it sounds on paper. A lot of people have been complaining about being unable to score the multikills required fo...

    2019-03-07 09:04:12

  • How To Upgrade Your Gear Through Looting and Crafting in Anthem

    Anthem features several different rarities for gear. To increase their gear score, Anthem features several loot tables that will reward powerful gear to players based on pilot level and the difficulty you are playing. As you level up, the higher your Pilot Level the stronger your enemies will be, and likewise the higher ...

    2019-02-25 08:54:18

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