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New World Coins News & Guides

New World Guide: How to Get More Storage Space in New World

As you explore the large continent in New World, you may collect a lot of materials during travel. While, the storage is limited at first. Do you want to know how to get more storage space in the game? Players can use Cheap New World Coins to collect rare materials for crafting good gear in the game.
How Storage Works in New World
Banking in New World comes in the form of a personal storage unit located in each Settlement. You can find the storage locations by opening up the map using the default key of “M” and scrolling in on a settlement until you can see the icons. The storage icon is noted by a box or chest icon on the map.
In order to access your storage just make your way over to that location and use the storage container. This acts just as a bank would in other MMORPGs. You can move items into and out of your storage while accessing a storage container. In order to access your storage, you MUST be at a storage shed or chest in your home.
The storage capacity is based on weight, (just like your character inventory), so you are limited as to what you can store in your storage.
How to Increase Storage Space in New World
There are four main ways of increasing your storage space in New World:
Equip bags on your character.
Craft storage chests in houses you own.
Grab the "Storage" Territory Standing reward.
Post your items at a Trading Post.
Craft Bags
Players can increase inventory size in New World by crafting bags at the Outfitting Station. One of the first bags you can craft is the Coarse Leather Bag at Level 10. The next two are available to unlock at Level 30 and 45. These will all increase you carry capacity, which will help to avoid encumbrance.
To make a Coarse Leather Bag, which will increase your inventory size by 100 points, use the following items at an Outfitting Station:
45x Coarse Leather
25x Linen
10x Iron Ingots
1x Minor Rune of Holding
The Minor Rune of Holding can be purchased from your faction of choice. You must first align yourself with a faction and then complete quests for them to earn Faction Tokens. The Minor Rune of Holding costs 1,000 Faction Tokens and 250 Gold.
Coarse Leather is made at a Tannery using 4x Rawhide, a resource acquired by skinning animals like boars. You will need 180 Rawhide to make the necessary amount of leather.
Linen is made using 4x Fibers at a Loom. You can acquire Fibers by harvesting Hemp, which is also how you will craft a fishing rod so you can go fishing. This means you need at least 96 Fiber to make enough Linen.
Iron Ingots are created from 4x Iron Ore using a Smelter. Each settlement will have a smelter by other vendors, like the forge, woodshop, and stonecutting table. If you’ve follow the main quest, you should know how to use the forge.
The only way to increase your storage capacity is by gaining territorial rewards and picking the one that increases your storage capacity. Since each settlement containers have different resources, the storage capacity increase is also separate from each other.
You need to focus on 2 to 3 settlements in storing your valuable resources. For example, if you would like to treat Windsward and Everfall as your crafting hub center (where you would like to craft most of your materials), focus on territorial upgrades that increase your storage capacity and gathering speed.
Players can experiment mentioned ways to increase storage space in New World. And you can also Buy New World Gold to level up your skills quickly and craft good items for characters in the game.
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