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Revelation Online Guides

  • Revelation Online Gearing System The Color Determines the Quality

    Revelation Online don’t charges every gamer, but they charges those who are competitive and aggressive in the game, and want to make a name in the game. But to be awesome in the online game need a lot of money, so the in-game shop becomes the only tool for NetEase to scratch money from gamer’s pocket. The game has a grand and long backg...

    2018-06-29 08:59:43

  • Revelation Online Awesome Glitch to Make Tons of Aurums

    Intro Revelation Online features multiple classes and grand opened world map and numerous quests and beautiful scenarios, it’s one of the best casual massive multiplayer online role-playing games in the world, most suitable for teens and office men. If you feel like good when playing Revelation Online, you can make a further step in it by bu...

    2017-12-12 09:25:22

  • Revelation Online Skill Points Usage Guidance

    Revelation Online has a very decent trade market environment nowadays, there’re no too much rookies and cheaters in the game, and everyone plays the game as an adjustment of tedious life. No matter which class or profession you choose, you can play the game as a single game if you’re not interested in the furious pvp. Before that you ne...

    2017-11-16 08:38:04

  • Revelation Online Levelling & Crafting Mixed Guide

    Revelation Online is a standard MMORPG that provide a different way to enjoy the funny of combat aside from WoW. Revelation Online has beautiful character designation and sceneries, even mobs are cute and naughty. But the gameplay of RO isn’t simple as it looked like, mainline and sub quests, class bind weapons, skills, and dungeons and teamw...

    2017-11-01 09:23:49

  • Revelation Online Only Chance to Get Gold Gear

    How to improve gears in Revelation Online? Believe that many newbie player in new servers has reached lv.50 but this stage need you to complete the class entrance examination and before that, you need to forge your exclusive gold gears. How to make it? I think after you read this article you will have a clear recognition towards Revelation Online f...

    2017-10-18 08:37:28

  • Learn How Vets PvP in Revelation Online

    Most of video game player wants to compete their progress with others online via weapons, fighting power, pets, mounts, guilds, or even clothing. Sure, if there’s no competition in online games, the developer and operator won’t make money by in-game purchases. I like PvP too in Revelation Online, and I deem that’s the most signifi...

    2017-10-06 08:39:55

  • How to Play Well Blademaster in Revelation Online PVE

    Blademaster is a melee class in Revelation Online, always place themselves in very forefront in the battlefield. Never feared of blood or violence, Blademaster possesses high viability, solid armors for physical and magical damages in order to ensure survival under focused fire attacks.   We invited professional Revelation Online p...

    2017-09-21 08:35:34

  • Revelation Online Occultist Knacks Tips

    Revelation Online provides six classes for players to play with through the grand and fantastic world. The world includes an obscure background story and endows players with a game-long goal to protect the peace of the land.   Occultist is the emissary of soul world empress, monitoring the balance of soul world between human world. They util...

    2017-08-15 08:42:21

  • Revelation Online Swordmage Spells & Weapons Recommend

    Swordmage is one of six classes of Revelation Online, acting a group-attack role in the game. As the name suggests, Swordmage is a class inclined to a combination of warrior & mage. In order to play well Swordmage, players should get familiar with this class’s combat style and weapons and spells at first. This article is all about how Swo...

    2017-08-03 08:53:20

  • How to Play Well Revelation Online Vanguard?

    We’ve introduced Blademaster, Gunslinger, and Spirit Shaper within previous RO guides, and we’d like to introduce a tank class for you today. Dissimilar with Gunslinger or Spirit Shaper, Vanguard make use of their shields and single-hand sword to melee combat with enemies. So how do we upgrade Vanguard skills and what weapons should we ...

    2017-07-26 08:44:22

  • Revelation Online Spirit Shaper Introduction Chapter 2

    Due to the rise of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games like DOTA2, League of the Legends, King of Glory etc, nowadays’ MMORPG has been confronting with the coldest & longest winter ever. There are few MMORPG games can survive from the great depression of the entire MMPRPG market & industry. Revelation Online is the protagonist of th...

    2017-07-17 09:26:34

  • Class Introduction of Revelation Online Chapter 1

    Revelation Online is a massive multiple online role play game developed and published by Chinese internet company the NetEase, the developer of Hearthstone and Revelation Online. The game provide a grand world with fantasy mobs, sceneries, dungeons, and various of interesting tasks and challenges, introducing a WOW like gaming experience for gamer,...

    2017-07-07 09:47:56

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