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Revelation Online Imperial Coins News & Guides

Revelation Online Spirit Shaper Introduction Chapter 2

Due to the rise of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games like DOTA2, League of the Legends, King of Glory etc, nowadays’ MMORPG has been confronting with the coldest & longest winter ever. There are few MMORPG games can survive from the great depression of the entire MMPRPG market & industry. Revelation Online is the protagonist of the fresh troops within MMORPG rebel army.

Sulan and Hot Springs Inn are two major spots in Revelation Online, represent the commercial & rest center of the game individually. The Hot Springs Inn provide foods and drinks for gamers, you eat or drink them and then AFK, you can continuously gain Exp exery 15s during the foods buffs time. That’s why it called AFK leveling. The foods or drinks can be made by yourself, but only if you are in the Hot Springs Inn, the leveling buff are working. Besides the Exp boosting, you can also chat with others, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and everything you like. The Hot Spring Inns were designed for players who has no time to grind with mobs or tasks but still eager for the high level gameplay experience. There’s a shortcoming of that design, that is the reduction of the entertainment. As you know, life’s meaning is not to die, the experience and the scenery along the journey are all the matters. Once you reach the top level of the game, and find and kill the world bosses, you quit the game easily. You know little about the game, and what you lost most important is the fun and pleasure of the well-designed missions, landscapes, cooperation, and the achievability of conquering bosses or PvP adversaries.

The Sulan is one of the three big city in Revelation Online. It’s a commercial centre of Nuanor. Merchants come from all around the Revelation Online integrated in Sulan every day for their business dream. Black Empress statue is one of the most famous landmark of Sulan. She stand here and bless and protect the residents and dwellers in Nuanor.
Same with Black Empress, Spirit Shaper are the lar of the Revelation Online, armed with powerful healing spells. Spirit Shapers provide extra protection or healing buffs for its allies. They can rescue their dying partners while in emergencies. Spirit Bells is the basic attacking skill of Spirit Shaper, it’s a low cost spell with quick recharge time, but not so powerful. Essence of Spring is the basic healing method of Spirit Shaper. Similar with Spirit Bells, but not deal damage to enemies, instead of casting healing spell to allies. At the level of 4, the Essence of Spring heals 58.1% of maximum hp of target with 19-23 bonus healing. The Green Vines are the group healing spell of Spirit Shaper, which can recovers you and your allies HP by percentage. We can say if your team’s Spirit Shaper are alive, you team won’t lose the competition. Luxuriant Heart is the Gold-like spell of Spirit Shaper for its ultra-abnormal healing capability. You and your closed allies can enjoy the healing buff and anti-control condition buff as well. Recovers 1 HP & MP per 5 secs.

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