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Revelation Online Aurums News & Guides

Revelation Online Awesome Glitch to Make Tons of Aurums

Revelation Online features multiple classes and grand opened world map and numerous quests and beautiful scenarios, it’s one of the best casual massive multiplayer online role-playing games in the world, most suitable for teens and office men. If you feel like good when playing Revelation Online, you can make a further step in it by buying cheap Revelation Online Aurums from us. We not only posting timely game news and guides for our customers, but also we’re one of the best sellers of online video game currency. Now the market competition is very intensive, so we decided to promise the lowest price and fastest transaction for our buyers.

Revelation Online Tips

Revelation Online Guide
Different class has different advantages and shortages, both in PvE and PvP, once a veteran player told me this useful tip. Assassins are strongest when focusing on single targets, whilst wielding a dagger and chain. With a potent cocktail of stealth and finesse, the Assassin sifts through the battlefield to set ambushes and destroy their targets in the blink of an eye.
Keep going on your main story quests as always, avoiding detouring farming. The mainline quests always provides leveling direction and fine gears for you, without doing this may cause you lose direction in the virtual world. If you have Ascension Stone, don’t use in low level. This stone gives experiences based on your level, so use them on Saturday or Sunday before weekly reset.

Team up with 4 other players to gain huge extra experience from these quests, each additional person will increase the amount of experience rewarded for each quest completion. Don’t let the Swordmage’s name fool you, this class is a ranged spell caster. Swordmage excels at dealing high damage and CC-ing mobs with its freeze spells. You have an option of three elements, ice, fire, and lightning. You are encouraged to switch between them as much as you want because they combo of each other. So if you like staying in the back and doing tons of damage with spells, this might be the class for you.
The Hot Spring is a charging facility, every day you gain 100 Appetite and 100 Alcohol Tolerance from it, also it allows you to consume food and drinks that grant experience so long as you’re in the Hot Spring.
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