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Revelation Online Imperial Coins News & Guides

Class Introduction of Revelation Online Chapter 1

Revelation Online is a massive multiple online role play game developed and published by Chinese internet company the NetEase, the developer of Hearthstone and Revelation Online. The game provide a grand world with fantasy mobs, sceneries, dungeons, and various of interesting tasks and challenges, introducing a WOW like gaming experience for gamer, but it has its own gameplay style.

Different with most of traditional MMORPG, the game introduced an aerial battle system for gamer, and ability to fly or glide in the sky. It is a free to play game but you can also spend real world money in the cash shop to buy exclusive decorations or fashion clothes. All items available in cash shop won’t influence the battle balance in the game. It’s all depend on yourself idea to play the game, since it’s a free-to-play game in nature.

Gunslinger – As the name suggests, gunslinger use guns as their basic weapons. They’re expert in dealing fatal damages to their target at thousand miles away. They’re assassin-like class in the game and also skillful in laying traps on the ground. To encounter with a gunslinger in the wild is a very annoying experience for you may easily get into their traps and facing their ruthless attack without any chance of counterattack. They deal physical damages and excel in solo battle, while very weak in melee combat and deal with group of enemies. They born with long range attack ability with sacrificing the anti-strike ability, everything has its pros and cons, so does gunslinger. To play with a class like Gunslinger, you will find the most important issues is to survive from unexpected risks. They have few control skills so if they get into a melee trouble, it’s hard for them to get rid of the tough battle easily. That’s the price of playing a long range class, and that’s the key point of how to play well the gunslinger. In order to exert the full energy of a gunslinger in a group PvP or engagement in the open area, you’d better set traps nearby in advance and stands behind your warrior allies. It’s not wise to divorce with your allies to confront with a tank opponent even if you can deliver minor troubles and damages to him, but there’s higher chance that you will be demolished by them easily. When your level or gears ranking reach a considerable high standard, you true gunslinger’s life begins.

Blademaster – Blademaster specializes in exerting melee weapons, especially the blades. Same with gunslinger, they deal physical damages to enemies, different in battling style. Blademaster features all high hitpoint, high defense, ability to get rid of slow-down spells or traps, and absorb great damages to protect their fragile allies e.g. gunslinger and occultist. They are the secondary tank role on the battlefield, but they can also act as the main tank when there’s no Vanguard in team. Each of the class in Revelation Online plays an important role in the game’s background story. Blademaster is unparalleled in melee battling and controlling the battle array. The Dash skill will help them get close to their target to initial further attacking, very useful skill for dealing with gunslinger. When they get to the centre of the battle area, Gravitation can knocks down all opponents around the player for 3 sec and deals AoE damages to the surroundings. Do not go deep into your enemies side when your controlling skills are under cool down, or else you will be seckilled easily too.
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