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Lost Ark Gold News And Guides

  • Lost Ark Class Guide: How to Build the Best Deathblade in Lost Ark

    In the world of Lost Ark, there are many different kinds of classes for players to choose. After deep exploration, some players are willing to choose new classes which is different from the former characters. The Deathblade class is an advanced Assassin class, which attracts more players’ attention in Lost Ark. They want to know ho...

    2023-03-30 09:14:54

  • Lost Ark Character Build Guide: How to Build the Best Glaivier in Lost Ark

    Players can choose from various kinds of classes and start their adventure in Lost Ark. Some players are willing to choose the Glaivier, an advanced Martial Artist class. In order to explore more quests in the game, they want to know how to build the best Glaivier in Lost Ark. You can read this article and learn from the guidance. Player...

    2023-03-09 09:16:32

  • Lost Ark Leveling Guide: Best Leveling Spots for Players in Lost Ark

    In the world of Lost Ark, a lot of players are looking for ways to level up their characters or skills quickly, they aims to the new dungeon raids and end-game contents. Players who has reached high levels will have more chances to get good rewards includes weapons, gear, armor, and potions. And we are going to list some leveling spots f...

    2022-12-29 09:30:05

  • Lost Ark Machinist Class Guide: How to Build the Machinist Class in Lost Ark

    Players who focus on the news about Lost Ark have known that there will be introduced a new class called Machinist in the update of Lost Ark. They are familiar with the existed characters in Lost Ark and curious about the performance of the Machinist Class in Lost Ark. Do you want to know more about how to build the Machinist Class in Lo...

    2022-10-20 09:06:56

  • Lost Ark Stronghold Guide: How to Unlock and Upgrade Stronghold in Lost Ark

    Lost Ark is one of the most popular MMORPGs all over the world. And a lot of players spend their spare time exploring the world of Lost Ark. There are some complex features for players to figure out in Lost Ark. One of them is the Stronghold. If you want to level up your characters quickly, you had better figure out how to unlock Strongh...

    2022-08-18 09:12:24

  • Lost Ark Game Guide: Chaotic Chuo Boss And How to Defeat Chaotic Chuo Boss in Lost Ark

    Players may find that there are two different kinds of Bosses in Lost Ark. Some bosses have specific icons on the map that show their spawn time and spots. Others often spawn in the fixed location in an exact time after being killed, buy there are no any UI symbols. The former kind of bosses are considered as Field Bosses. Others are nam...

    2022-06-29 09:06:20

  • Lost Ark Raids Guide: Tips & Tricks For Completing More Raids in Lost Ark

    When it comes to Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark, they are considered as the normal raids of the game. Due to the new update of Lost Ark, there are more Raid-like content adding in the game. Players have more chances to encounter the Abyss and Legion Raids. Abyss Dungeons are four to eight-player content that consists of a series of hard boss...

    2022-06-02 09:00:24

  • Lost Ark Game Guide: How to Explore Hildebrandt Palace Abyssal Dungeon

    Hildebrandt Palace is the final Dungeon of Phantom Palace and the final Tier 1 Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark. Meanwhile, it is also one of the most mechanical dense Abyssal Dungeons in the game. Many players have fun in exploring this great dungeon. If players want to experience the fun of adventures in this dungeon, you can learn how to e...

    2022-04-21 09:04:00

  • Lost Ark Game Guide: How to Complete Demon Beast Canyon Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark

    In order to obtain high-level items or materials, players are willing to join in the Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark. As the first Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark, Demon Beast Canyon attracts various players’ attention in the game. Players who have Item Level 340 can be allowed to enter it, and you will have access to obtain the materials ...

    2022-04-07 09:03:00

  • Lost Ark Game Guide: Achates Guardian Raids And How to Defeat the Achates Boss

    When it comes to Guardian raid bosses, players think that they are the toughest fights in Lost Ark. One of the hard Guardian Raids is Achates, a huge white lion with large wings and gold armor. Players may have more troubles in dealing with this hard Guardian Raid. This article can tell you how to defeat the Achates Boss and complete the...

    2022-04-06 09:01:54

  • Lost Ark Game Guide: How to Complete the Alberhastic Guardian Raids in Lost Ark

    When players step into the endgame content of Lost Ark, you will be familiar with two main activities in the game. They are Dungeons and Raids in Lost Ark. If players want to improve their levels of weapons, you have to join in the raids and defeat the main guardians of the raids. Then, you will be got pretty good rewards in turn. And th...

    2022-03-31 08:51:42

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