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World of Warplanes Gold News & Guides

World of Warplanes Gameplay Engine Turning Skills Guide

World of Warplanes plans to develop a modern aircraft combat video game for gamers to enjoy the aerial war experience on computer, features all kinds of modern combat planes, grand aero map, exciting quests, moderate difficulty gameplay, and lifelike graphics. The game was released in 2013 worldwide, and received 69 marks out of 100 as full mark from mixed reviews in 2014, and CEO of the developer company acknowledged the game was failed to reach the expectation of them.

World of Warplanes On test

Before all glitches like wrong engine sound effect and controller support are solved I’ll never touch this game anymore. I have played about 20 battles so far and I have to admit, it's growing on me.  I do wish more humans were in the open beta, but it's playable. Remember to claim your World of Warplanes Gold here. I stated the problem very clearly. I won my first game of the day and only got the 5X mission bonus, the daily should override it so that you don't use a mission until your second win. It's just another simple thing that already exists in a WG game that should be here.

There’s a question that hard to be solved by developer nor veteran gamers. We have spent many hours playing the pre 2.0 version, so we instinctually want it to be similar, but better. The problem is, that in many categories it is not. The most glaring is the lack of PvP it generates. They are well aware their current audience is not working, that is why they create a brand new game every major patch. Not a lucky time for them, not only will they not get their current audience back.
Play it for the fun of meeting other people that have stuck with this mess. Most of the old vets and a lot of the new players ask themselves that question. From what I've seen, this community is mostly some really decent people. Anyway, you can find Cheap World of Warplanes Gold on If it is possible to save the tech tree projects from the Suggestions forum, or move them to Community Creations, or to have some advance warning so they can be saved locally, I would appreciate it! Much time has been spent on those.

WOWP Strategy

How about the summerset of WoWP? We are the best news station of World of Warplanes for you in the world. We sell professional Cheap World of Warplanes Gold and items for you with safety guarantee. The company is a really responsible firm that constantly maintain the game and release anti-hack patches for the game in order to avoid gamers from account safety issues. Wargaming should have been praised with world best online game developer in 2018. This time the discount is reaching the peak during the past three months, take some actions to protect your champion position.
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