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SunWell Gold News & Guides

Sunwell Imbalance Between Horde and Alliance Phenomenon Solution for Official

   PC Games   Sunwell Guides   2018-05-15 09:29:49
As the Best Legacy Server of World of Warcraft on the planet, you gamers won’t find another game better than Sunwell that can light up your passion for WotLK. Since the debut of the game, veteran gamers asked us whether the game will be charged or free-to-play, we replied that shouldn’t be the most concerned question for gamers because F2P means/equals to P2W. Never had an online game won’t charge anymore, the more easy/free to join in represent the harder to win in the game. Fortunately, Sunwell is a game won’t cost much and funny enough. We offer all News, Guides, Gold, and Online Support service for every WoW fan.

Best Mage Build in Sunwell

Well numbers wise it's skewed to Horde, but BG-WG-Arena wise it's the Alliance that is far superior. So take that into consideration. There is basically a double imbalance going on which kinda balances things out. While you are farming gold, do you know there’s an awesome store for Cheap Sunwell Gold? He does have a point, you should write the list legibly in bullet form, ideally with a link to the post where proof of their ninja looter status can be found. And! You have to update that list every time someone posts in this thread. And! You have to curate the list and verify each one if they really are ninja looters.
As title says, watchout for this trash human being, sniping your faction item transfers through neutral Auction House. Half a year ago I missed my 200 Gold valued item by mis-operation, which is nothing, but I feel like warning others. I had a conversation with one guy that lost much more gold, we've talked about this player and I discovered how deep can some people go. He is waiting in stealth to unstably your items.
It’s important to reach a settlement in group items allocation, which is trash and we weren't there to distribute loot for main characters. Unfortunately, Group Loot didn't work as intended, everything that dropped was needed on by Only tank, Fun run & their third wheel. We told them to stop needing on items they didn't need so we all had a chance on the Abyss Crystals or items for our specs.

Sunwell Horde Picture

This brings way more negatives than positives. Now people are required to have their entire guild in their friends list if they want to send mail around. In addition people can no longer do CoD sales of items in global without first having to friend each other. You can learn a lot from other gamers and our Sunwell Guide on There's already a cap on the friends list so that means there's a cap to the number of people to whom we can send mail.
Until you get to Lv 80, your farming tasking will be ended, and you can start your next stage of farming work – Dungeons Clearance. You need to improve your ilvl to 850 at least, or you may have a higher ambition you will need to hit ilvl 930. It’s nearly impossible to overpass item level 970, and the current record is 965, mad by a mad gamer. Just buy our cheap Sunwell Gold to relief yourself from endless quests.
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