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News List

  • Lucky Boxes Return to Silkroad-R

    Silkroad-R is a free MMORPG based on the history of the Silk Road the famous trade route of Asia. Players may choose one of two races each with its own set of classes and abilities and take part in a three-way conflict in the game's trading system. Based off Silkroad Online Silkroad-R features the same game content as Silkroad Online but wit...

    2017-03-03 11:56:44

  • Skyforge Get Ability from Developers

    Skyforge is a new action MMORPG set in the world of Aelion. Surrounded by other planets, Aelion is under constant threat of invasion. These otherworldly conquerors have attempted to seize and enslave Aelion’s population, and eons of failed invasion attempts have left traces of strange alien technology and magic, transforming Aelion forever...

    2017-03-02 15:52:16

  • Why Skyforge is Now a Great Casual MMO

    I’ve been dabbling in Skyforge lately, due to the overwhelming amount of changes we’ve seen made to the game in recent months. Curiosity got the best me, and I’m glad I made the return. While the recent overhaul to the campaign and removal of the Atlas have made waves of positive and negative in the community, the Skyforge I fi...

    2017-03-02 15:42:23

  • Spiral Knights Game Simple Yet Addicting

    Spiral Knights is a cooperative adventure in a persistent world with a focus on instant, fast-paced action. Arm yourself and join the ranks of the Spiral Knights; stranded on an alien world, they must explore the ever-changing Clockworks beneath its surface in hopes of reaching its mysterious Core. Spiral Knights has been in development since ar...

    2017-03-01 15:02:21

  • Sega’s Spiral Knights Logs A Million Players

    Spiral Knights is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game created by Three Rings Design and published by Sega. The free-to-play Java-based game was released in 2011,and continues to be updated. In the game the player controls a knight of the Spiral order which has crash-landed on the mysterious planet Cradle.Knights cooperatively b...

    2017-03-01 14:48:37

  • Spirit Tales is an Upcoming Whimsical Fantasy MMORPG

    Spirit Tales is a free to play, anime-style MMORPG published by KoramGame. Players battle their way across a continent of fierce monsters to take back their homeland, while collecting amazing pets, wearing stylish fashion, and participating in awesome PVP along the way. To create a character, you first choose one race, Gold Kirin, Maned Dra...

    2017-02-28 11:41:02

  • Spirit Tales Mystical New Lands & Increased Level Caps

    Spirit Tales is a fantasy MMORPG by KoramGame where players embody a variety of chibi-style characters from different nations (and races). Each race has its own set of classes, and each class has its own “spirit transformation” power which transforms them into their associated animal (Fox, Dragon, Kirin), while giving a variety of bo...

    2017-02-28 11:30:28

  • Star Trek Online: Consoles Warp into the Next Expansion

    Agents of Yesterday is the third expansion of the Free-to-Play Star Trek Online MMORPG. In the Agents of Yesterday expansion, players will be sent back in time to become captains from “Star Trek: Original Series” Era. This latest update for consoles will permit players to create their captains from the Star Trek: Original Series peri...

    2017-02-27 11:47:41

  • Star Trek Online Pre-Order Bonanza

    In Star Trek Online, the Star Trek universe appears for the first time on a truly massive scale. Players take the captain's chair as they command their own starship and crew. Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before in this ever-expanding online universe. As I opened up ...

    2017-02-27 11:39:12

  • The Way of Raising a Character in Star Wars Galaxies

    In SWG Credits, you train your character by hunting monsters and completing quests. Hunting monsters and completing quests give experience points to your character. If your character acquires a specific amount of experience points and SWG Credits, the character can increase its level and have more powerful ability, and you can enjoy more various...

    2017-02-24 14:59:58

  • The Rise and Fall of Star Wars Galaxies

    You have probably heard of Star Wars Galaxies. Released back in 2003, Sony Online Entertainment created the very first MMORPG based around George Lucas' epic space saga. Next year sees the release of The Old Republic, BioWare's attempt at forging a massively multiplayer game from the prestigious Star Wars licence. Anticipation for the ga...

    2017-02-24 14:51:20

  • SWTOR: A Great Single Player MMORPG

    Compared with other famous MMORPGs, SWTOR puts its emphasis on single gameplay rather than group contents. However, most players like playing mmo with groups, so they feel disappointed and lose interest to play swtor, but there are still a large number of gamers who love the single gameplay, and swtor is one of the best choice for them without c...

    2017-02-23 14:38:06

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