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Roblox Robux News & Guides

Bomber Royale is Blowing Up in Trove

   Roblox Guides   Xbox One Games   PC Games   Roblox Games   2018-10-10 08:50:43
Trove introduces a new competitive multiplayer mode called Bomber Royale this summer. Since its release, it has enjoyed great popularity around Trovians. In the last couple of months, hundreds of thousands of players have experienced what the brand new fast-paced multiplayer combat mode for Trove has to offer. The patch on August 7, 2018 adds the latest Trove’s Bomber Royale improvements. This article will dive into these new changes and see what’s next for this ever-evolving game mode.

Bomber Royale mode

What is Trove Bomber Royale?
Generally, up to 20 players can hit the battlefield but once only 15 player join up the countdown, chucking a variety of bombs at each other, demolishing the terrain and laying waste to their foes in a white-knuckled, frenetic contest of explosions and excitement. Collect power-ups, close the gap between you and your enemies with your trusty grappling hook, and fight to be the last Trovian standing! If you want to try out in this new game, you can buy Cheap Roblox Robux at, a cheap online in-game currency store.

In this game mode, all Trovians are given the same two core abilities:Rubber Bombs and Climbing Claw.Rubber Bombs are thrown explosives that bounce off the first surface they hit and explode on the second surface and literally everyone has an unlimited collection of bombs. Climbing Claw is a grappling hook that sticks into the terrain and pulls you to the point of contact. This is great for saving yourself from falling off the arena map, escaping incoming attacks, or getting up close and personal with other players who look like they could use a bouncing bomb to the kidneys.

Run through power ups on the Bomber Royale map, which can reduce the cooldown of your attacks, empower your other attacks with devastating modifications and much more. Besides, the Bomber Royale maps are completely destructible and will disintegrate over time, so players have to find sure footing by the time the match is down. After the match ends, players can queue up for the next match or jump back into the Hub. The following video introduces some tips and strategies for winning in Bomber Royale.


The new update of Bomber Royale introduces the Blast Cam to Bomber Royale, letting players that met their explosive ends spectate as the action unfolds from the perspective of their opponents. Besides, some improvements have been made on the match leaderboard. The match leaderboard will show how much damage was done by each player and the big damage dealers will get the biggest XP bump while players who hide in an effort to outlast others will gain less experience.

In addition, a new mode called Blast Mode is added to the match, which allows you to see how the match ends. After you die you can now opt to view the match through the eyes of another player. You can swap between players whenever you like and if the player you’re watching also dies you’ll be swapped to a new player automatically. Once again, lacking Roblox Robux, come to, where you can use the code “MMOCSVIP” for a 3% discount. There are still other minor changes in Bomber Royale. Your total damage in the game is tracked now. You can find total damage in game by using the in game text command /stats (this command can also be entered into the chat window on consoles). You can now also get credit by blasting someone flying off the map.
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