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A New Version of Quad launcher will Soon Come to Fortnite Season 6 Battle Royale

   Patch Notes   PS4 Games   Xbox One Games   PC Games   MMORPG   2018-10-10 08:37:18
Fortnite Battle Royale developer Epic Games is constantly looking to improve the video game with new additions and gameplay changes. In season 5, the game developer has added some really amazing items, including Shockwave Grenade, Heavy Sniper Rifle, Rift-to-Go, and the Grappler. Although early in September, it had been leaked that the developer is planing to release a new weapon called Quad Launcher for Fortnite Battle Royale. It is not until Fortnite Season 6 that the developer finally decided to release the new weapon.

Quad Launcher

First appearance in Save the World
Quad Launcher was first released to Fortnite: Save the World during the Blockbuster event. The following is the  in-game description of Quad Launcher states.

“Shoots rockets that explode into a pool of fire for a short duration, damaging and stunning enemies inside. Launches up to 4 rockets before needing to reload. Does not consume ammo, but has very low durability.”

In Save the World, it’s a Legendary weapon, a trait that appears to be consistent in the new version. In the PvE mode, the Quad Launcher fires rockets that explode and cover an area with fire to deal damage to those caught in the area of effect. It launches up to four rockets before needing to reload. If you want to unlock more Fortnite weapon, come to where you can use the code “MMOCSVIP” for a 3% discount and buy the weapons for a cheap price.

Huge power of Quad Launcher
The quad Launcher seems to be a suppression/structure destruction weapon, probably with stopping power somewhere south of Fortnite's current rocket and grenade launcher. Rockets are already a powerful weapon in the game, and the ability to fire four shots that do damage equivalent to a standard rocket would be unexpectedly powerful in this game.Considering that it fires four rockets at once, players would need to have a lot of ammo to be effective with this weapon. Epic Games has recently limited the amount of rockets Fortnite Battle Royale players can carry. A player are only allowed to take 12 rockets into battle, translating into three full volleys.
Aside from its huge damage power, the rate of fire of this weapon is also extremely high, which is already very clear. Regular rockets are made less useful by a long reload time, and the whole idea of a Quad Launcher would be to tick off four shots in rapid succession. Besides, a very fast rate of fire could theoretically mean that you can blast past walls quicker than your enemies can rebuild. Slightly slower and it still works for suppression but not as well for an all-out assault.


You can check the above video for more comprehensive knowledge. For your attention, our website “” provides various Cheap Fortnite Items. The Fortnite developer released the latest patch on Wednesday, October 3, so we can expect the next one to be released this Wednesday. However, there is no doubt that Epic Games will adjust the weapon for the battle royale mode. While its fire rate may remain unchanged, its reload time will most likely be set to five seconds or more. Additionally, there will probably be a limit on how many rockets players can use for the weapon, and its player damage may also be lowered.
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