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News & Guides

The Skull Trooper Skin, Disco Domination Mode, and Locations of Houses with Doorbells, All You Need to Know in Fortnite This Week

Fans will be pleased to know that the Skull Trooper skin has made a comeback, at last, this time with a female version. You can customise the face with colour, including dayglow paint.
There’s also an accompanying Skull Sickle pickaxe and Crypt Cruiser glider and you’ll be able to earn the Ghostportal backbling by completing various challenges. Aside from the above mentioned, there are more Halloween skins, along with other cosmetic items.

new Skull Trooper skin

New skins

Alongside the Skull Trooper, we have three new skins this week. Two Pumpkinhead characters, one of them a Pumpkin version of Raven, some creepy plague doctors and a girl with a bullseye target t-shirt who looks like a revamped version of a Renegade Raider Troop.

New backbling, gliders and pickaxes

There are a few new backbling additions this week, featuring capes, a chemistry set, a llama lunch bag and the Ghostportal.There are two new gliders being added this week: the Crypt Cruiser glider and the Plague Glider, which we’re getting some serious Lovecraftian vibes from.We’ve got three new pickaxes for you this week, including a Skull Sickle pickaxe, a Plague pickaxe and another pickaxe that gives off a real Mike Myers Halloween vibe. You can also come to, a cheap online in-game currency store, to buy cheap Fortnite weapons.

Disco Domination mode

Another exciting news is that Disco Domination begins this week.Players are divided up into two teams of 32, with the object being to dance on the various dance floors scattered around the island. Epic says five of these will appear when the storm isn't moving; when you come upon one, you'll need to first eliminate other players in the area, then emote on the dance floor to raise a disco ball.

The more teammates you have dancing on the floor, the faster the disco ball will rise. Capturing a dance floor will in turn fill your team's "dance bar," until either an enemy player stands on it or the storm circle begins to encroach on the island. The first team to completely fill their dance bar will win the match.

Although Disco Domination uses the same loot and resource levels as other 50v50 modes, but there are some notable wrinkles to be aware of. Players won't be able to build on top of dance floors, although they will be able to surround it with a fort. Additionally, respawns will be enabled until the final storm circle begins moving.


Locations of houses with doorbells

Fortnite week 3 challenges have been leaked now. As part of the Week 3 Challenges, players are tasked with ringing the doorbell of a house with an opponent inside. At present, doors to houses on the Fortnite island don’t currently have doorbells to interact with. Of course, We’re expecting them to be added to the game as soon as the Week 3 patch is applied. However, if there’s no doorbells, how do we know which ones to ring? we reckon the houses you’ll be ringing doorbells for will be those that have the most Halloween decorations. With this being the case, herein we recommend some places that have heavy Halloween decorations. The first location to focus on is Pleasant Park, as it seems to have the houses with the most Halloween decorations. You should also take a look at Paradise Palms. There’s also a couple of spots in Lucky Landing that are worth a look. You can use the code “MMOCSVIP” for a 3% discount when you buy Cheap Fortnite Items at our
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