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MapleStory M Mesos News & Guides

Maplestory M Classes Guide: Best Classes for the New Maplestory M Player

When Maplestory was first launched, there were only 4 classes, including warrior, magician, thief and archer. Moreover, these classes can also be divided into different branches, which is what players call jobs. But with the passage of 20 years, Maplestory now has more than 40 jobs. How to choose the best among these classes has become a headache for most players. If you master the best classes in the Maplestory and have enough MapleStory M Mesos, you can get past the starting challenging phase.


She is the high Flora’s most honorable knight as well as a Warrior. As their appearance suggests, high flowers are almost too exquisite to carry a weapon. Instead, they harness ancient magic to manipulate their blades, establishing themselves as Blademasters. The Adele is a simple class that is visually beautiful because its magic blades are always flying about the screen, automatically targeting adjacent foes. Moreover, Adele's Aether Weaving gauge doesn't require much attention to keep going, players will only need to keep track of their buff timers. Overall, she is very suitable for Maplestory beginners.

Fire/Poison Arch Mage

As the name suggested, the Fire Poison Mage accurately describes a Magician who has chosen to specialize in both fire and poison. Unlike other games that allow mages to possess a single element, Maplestory allows mages to possess two elements at the same time. The more DOT stacks an enemy has under their control, the more damage they can cause. Moreover, Fire/Poison Arch Mage can do incredibly sustained damage that is different from other classes. This class is far more difficult than the others, as it forces you to press a lot more buttons at a faster pace.


Although Blaster’s Resistance class may be the most complex in the game, if you use them appropriately, it will rank at the top of the DPS class. With the arm cannon of this class, players must continuously manage their ammo using their bobbing and weaving skills. It is an ammo gauge designed like a revolver.


Bishop, as an explorer mage, is the best support class in Maplestory by a significant margin. Bishop can support a variety of healing for yourself and your party. For the longest time, Holy Symbol, a third Job Skill, was the driving force behind this class, and it continues to play an important role in why they are so popular today. But compared to other classes, Bishops level up slowly until they gain the Big Bang Skill.

Dawn Warrior

Dawn Warrior, a more 'traditional' warrior in the Cygnus Knights, is a class that can be switched out in combat. Dawn Warrior has big damage with a humongous range and great mobility. The DPS output of the Dawn Warriors is really ridiculous. And its training is very simple for beginners. This class is for you if you want to maximize productivity with the least amount of work.

Night Walker

There are a lot of different ways that Night Walkers can deal damage. Being the "thieves" of the Cygnus Knights, they strike swiftly and deal damage with darts in several of their skills. The conventional methods of "jumping around and killing stuff" and "bite farming" can be used to launch a mobbing. In addition, Night Walker has great health sustainability and has a free extra life for bosses.

Certainly, there are other excellent classes as well such as Bowmaster, Marksman, Hero, Hayato, Wind Archer, and so on. If you want to buy good weapons for your class, you can try to Buy Maplestory M Mesos.
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