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Rainbow Six Siege Account (R6) News & Guides

Rainbow Six Siege Operator Guide: How the Play Deimos Well in R6 Siege

Rainbow Six Siege's latest update launches Operation Deadly Omen, and also brings game players a new attack operator, Deimos, a ferocious masked villain. With the help of his Death Mark device, he can track and locate defenders, while he can take down his target with ease thanks to his strong Vengeful Revolver and special sight. You can log in to your Rainbow Six Siege Account to have a try after reading this article.

What Role does Deimos Play in Rainbow Six Siege?
While it's challenging to give Deimos a specific duty in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, we hope he to serve as a roamer cleaner and entrance fragger. Deimos is an operator with two lethal weapons, two speeds, and two health. He can live-track the position of a single defender regardless of its movement thanks to this skill. Therefore, we may claim that Deimos is a Lion modified for Operation Chimera. If a roamer is droned during the beginning stages of the game, Deimos can use his ability to track it. In a moment, this will display the roamer's location. It is then Deimos' responsibility to tell his teammates of that information.

The Weapons of Deimos
Deimos is a 2-speed and 2-health operator who is equipped with two powerful weapons.  You can choose one between the sturdy AK-74M assault rifle and the burly M590A1 shotgun as his Primary weapon. Generally speaking, most players will not equip him with the SAS shotgun, so the AK-74M will be the players’ primary weapon.

His secondary weapon is a .44 Vendetta revolver with a unique magnifying scope. Like Caveira, Deimos can only use the .44 Vendetta revolver when his ability is activated. However, the power of this new weapon should not be underestimated. With zoom, the weapon deals 78 damage and has no recoil. One shot from the .44 Vendetta revolver will create a slug-sized hole in a destructible wall, while two shots will kill an Operator at ease.

He also has gadgets Frag Grenade, Hard Brach Charge, Smoke Grenade and the unique ability: Deathmark Tracker.

How to Use the Deathmark Tracker?
Deimos can release the Deathmark Tracker into the air to target specific foes; however, defenders cannot be targeted if they have not yet been discovered. When Deimos selects his prey and releases the Deathmark Tracker, it flies to its location, leaving a persistent live marking for Deimos to observe. During this period, Deimos cannot use his primary weapon, but can only use the .44 Vendetta revolver to attack enemies. You can attack the enemy by yourself, but it is best to tell your teammates the location of the enemy through voice communication so that you can attack them jointly.

Although the tracker lasts for a predetermined amount of time, it will stop early if the target is killed or if Deimos cancels the ability and ends the hunt. Then there's a cooldown before he deploys another. Each Deathmark tracker is an important piece of intelligence collecting, whether Deimos is closing in on roamers or determining the exact location of an anchor on-site.

How to Defeat Deimos?
No drone means Deimos can't use his unique skills. When we act as attackers, we don't use drones, and when we act as defenders, we destroy all drones so that Deimos can't use its Deathmark tracker gadget to pinpoint our location.

Overall, the addition of Deimos will make it easier for players to know the location of their opponents, which will bring a great advantage to your team. You can Buy Rainbow Six Siege Accounts and play the new operator Deimos.
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