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Diablo 4 Gold News & Guides

Diablo 4 Guide: How to Find Charnel House Dungeon in Diablo IV

In order to level up fast in Diablo IV, many players are eagerly looking for dungeons to farm more XP, gold and legendary gear in the game. Some players are wondering where to find the Charnel House dungeon in Diablo 4. You can read this article and learn from the guidance. Players can use Cheap D4 Gold to level up basic stats of character in order to defeat more enemies in the game.
What’s the Charnel House Dungeon in Diablo 4?
The Charnel House dungeon in Diablo 4 is a medium-sized dungeon with mobs of powerful enemies running up on you. This dungeon is the place where the prisoners are kept behind locked gates, being the food for the Demons. Completing this dungeon’s objectives is not difficult, but the locked cages will waste a lot of your time in the opening, which takes about 5 seconds.
Despite being a randomized layout, the dungeon is circular with a typical layout consisting of a Meat Storage and a Feeding Pit. The dungeon is infested with the cannibals like Gorger and the Executioner, which add to the dungeon’s difficulty.
Charnel House in D4 offers the legendary Aspect of Perpetual Stomping, a vital Mobility skill for the Barbarian Class. 
How to Find Charnel House Dungeon in Diablo IV
Players can find the entrance to the Charnel House in Diablo 4 in the Untamed Scraps of the Dry Steppes, north of the Jirandai Waypoint. It’s a great dungeon to farm XP and also holds the Aspect of Perpetual Stomping for the Barbarian.
To make your way to the Charnel House, teleport to the Jirandai Waypoint found on the southwestern side of Sanctuary. From here, head north to the entrance of the Untamed Scraps, and you’ll see the entrance to the Charnel House.
To really make the most out of this dungeon, you’ll want to gather Nightmare Sigils for the Charnel House in order to get a more difficult version of this area with increased rewards.
The dungeon itself is medium-sized, so players will encounter plenty of enemies without taking too much time.
How to Clear the Charnel House Dungeon in Diablo 4
Once you've arrived at the dungeon entrance, it's time to clear it. Here are the steps you need to follow:
1. Free the 6 prisoners from the dungeon - Look for the six prisoners within the dungeon and free them from their cells. You'll need to fight off some enemies to do this.
2. Slay Vardok, the boss of the dungeon - Vardok is the boss of the Charnel House Dungeon, and you'll need to defeat him to progress. He's located towards the end of the dungeon, so make your way through the various rooms and corridors until you find him.
3. Collect the Feeding Pit Key from Vardok's loot - Once you've defeated Vardok, collect the Feeding Pit Key from his loot.
4. Use the Feeding Pit Key to open the Feeding Pit Gate - The Feeding Pit Gate is located towards the end of the dungeon. Use the Feeding Pit Key to open it.
5. Destroy the 3 Corpse Piles in the pit - Once you've opened the Feeding Pit Gate, head inside and destroy the three Corpse Piles you find there. Doing this will complete the dungeon.
In conclusion, the Charnel House Dungeon is a relatively straightforward dungeon to find and clear. By following the steps outlined above, you should be able to complete it without too much trouble.
After completing the Dungeon for the First time, players will get a reward like a Legendary Aspect called Aspect of Perpetual Stomping. This aspect is special to the Barbarian class and can only be used by them. 
Players can follow the guidance to find and clear the Charnel House Dungeon in Diablo 4. You can earn more XP and legendary gear drops after completed. And you can also Buy Diablo 4 Gold to upgrade your characters with powerful weapons and gears in the game.
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