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Diablo 4 Gold News & Guides

Diablo 4 Guide: How to Find Best Dungeons for Glyph Leveling

In order to improve stats of characters in Diablo 4, players need to level up their characters and upgrade items in the process of grinding quests. And you can also level up your Glyphs to maximize your character’s power. Do you know best dungeons for Glyph leveling? Players can use Cheap D4 Gold to collect rare materials and craft best gear for characters. 
Best Dungeons for Glyph Leveling in Diablo 4
It is first important to establish that the amount of Glyph XP that is awarded upon completing a Nightmare Dungeon is determined exclusively by the map's Tier. More specifically, awarded Glyph XP is equal to Tier * 2 + 2 for every Nightmare Dungeon in Diablo 4. This means that only one thing really needs to be considered when determining which maps are best for fast Glyph leveling, and that is how long it takes to complete the Nightmare Dungeon.
Cultist Refuge
The Cultist Refuge is a short dungeon that is not as packed with enemies as some of the other top-tier nightmare dungeons in Diablo 4. You can, however, still get a good enough amount of XP for your Glyph leveling.
There is no boss here, and your only objective is to slay all enemies before taking down a couple of High Priests that are surrounded by elite mobs. In other words, you can clear this dungeon pretty quickly for some quick XP.
Lost Archives
The Lost Archives has been bouncing back and forth in tiers since launch but is still considered as one of the best nightmare dungeons to level up Glyphs in Diablo 4.
The dungeon is not too large and the mob density is decent. Even if you are running this dungeon solo, you can get it over with in about 3 minutes.
Maugan’s Works
Maugan’s Works is another short dungeon with excellent clear speeds for a decent amount of XP for your Glyphs in Diablo 4. It has a linear map design with no backtracking whatsoever. You only have to free prisoners who are all located close by. Then face the Knight Council for some additional XP and loot.
Despite the Guulrahn Canals being the clear winner in terms of clear speed, other dungeons are only a bit longer to complete and come jam-packed with enemies to slaughter. Scosglen has a strong selection of these types of instances, with both Aldurwood and the Raethwind Wilds being quick and efficient to run.
The entrance to Aldurwood lies in the Shrouded Moors section of Scosglen, which is only a short ride from the Tirmair waypoint.
This dungeon contains a variety of enemies, but most of them will fall under the Beast or Werewolf categories. They can deal some high damage if you are unprepared for their charge attacks, so try to stay on the move and focus on clearing out the packs of enemies before taking on the Aldurkin.
Hoarfrost Demise
Located on the northwest side of the Seat of the Heavens in Fractured Peaks is the dungeon called Hoarfrost Demise. Completing it rewards you with Blood-bathed Offensiec Aspect for Necromancers, as well as standard dungeon loot like gold and EXP. One of the easiest dungeons to clear, it is perfect for quick glyph leveling.
To clear this space, you have to destroy three Skeletal Constructs and defeat the dungeon boss called Khazra Abomination. This monster likes to fight close combat, but it can also spew acid in your direction. Ranged classes can certainly gain an advantage in this type of battle. Meanwhile, melee characters have some extra work to do.
If you want to level up your Glyph quickly, you can consider these mentioned dungeons at first. And you can also Buy Diablo 4 Gold to find good items for improving characters in the game.
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