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FC 24 Coins Player Auction News & Guides

EA Sports FC 24 Guide: How to Master Penalty Skill in EA FC 24

When you are playing matches in EA Sports FC 24, you may have access to take a penalty shot in the process of matches. It is a good chance for you to score by penalty shot and win the match in the end. While, do you know how to take penalties in EA Sports FC 24? Players can use Cheap EA FC 24 Coins to build the best Ultimate Team with powerful players. 
How to be Awarded a Penalty in FC 24
You are awarded the right to take a penalty kick during a match in EA Sports FC 24. Either the defense needs to commit a foul in the box, or a handball in the box. The only other way you can take a penalty is if a tournament match that requires a winner and a loser and not a draw ends tied after 90 minutes and a further 30-minute period of extra time has elapsed.
How to Take A Penalty in FC 24
Penalty mechanics have changed throughout the FIFA and now the FC franchise. In this edition, it involves first choosing power and accuracy and then aiming.
When you earn a penalty, your player will be lined up with the ball at the penalty spot, and you will see a circle on the ground around the ball going from red and large to green and small. That circle measures the accuracy with which you take the penalty. The closer the circle gets to the ball and the more green the circle is, the more likely your penalty will be accurate.
To take the penalty, use the shooting mechanism and hold it for as long as you’d like for the power of the shot. This part is similar to taking a shot in open play, where a quick shot will lead to a slight chip kick, while a more powerful shot will go at the goal faster and harder.
Aiming the penalty is similar to aiming a shot in the game. A slight push in the direction of your choice will push the ball in that direction from the center. You can push the shot too far up or past the posts, so be careful not to aim too far away from the middle.
There is no one right way to score a penalty, but odds are, unless you kick the ball too hard or your aim is way off, you will score.
Choose the Right Penalty Taker
This is arguably one of the most important aspects of taking penalties in EA FC 24. As the referee awards you a penalty and your player gets ready to take it, you can hold R2 or RT on your controller to check the stats of all the other players in your squad and change the kicker.
Make sure that you are taking the shot with a player who has the highest penalty rating in the squad. This will increase the chances of converting your shot. Now all you have to do is decide where you want to place the shot. It is better to place it on one of the four corners of the net to increase your conversion chances.
Confuse the Keeper
Vary your penalty technique and strategy to keep the keeper guessing. For example, you might do a stutter step or hop skip in your run-up on one shot, then take a simple straight approach on the next. You can also vary the height, speed, and spin you put on the ball. Unpredictability is key.
Practice your Technique
Before taking penalties in important matches, spend time practicing in training modes. Work on placing your shots accurately into the net using different speeds, heights, and spins. Get a feel for how much power is needed to beat the keeper, depending on where you’re aiming. With practice, your penalty-taking ability will become second nature.
Following these strategies and practicing consistently will transform you into a penalty perfectionist, scoring with ease past even the most accomplished keepers. Now get out there and tuck those shots into the back of the net!
If you want to improve your penalty skill in EA Sports FC 24, you can experiment these tips and practice more matches in the game. And you can also Buy EA Sports FC 24 Coins to find good penalty takers for your Ultimate Team.
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