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Diablo 4 Gold News & Guides

Diablo 4 Guide: How to Become Bloodmarked in Diablo 4 PVP Battle

In the world of Diablo 4, many players are willing to build their characters for PvE mode. While, some players want to fight each other in PvP battle. So, you had better know how to become Bloodmarked in Diablo 4, which means that you have access to start fight on the way. Players can get Cheap D4 Gold to unlock more good items for characters in the Season 3 shop.
What’s Bloodmarked in Diablo 4 Season 3?
The new Seasonal Journey in Diablo 4 requires players to defeat 100 monsters while being under the influence of the Bloodmarked status effect. Bloodmarked is the effect you have to gain in order to participate in PvP activities within the game. By becoming Bloodmarked, you become hostile to all players in the Fields of Hatred PvP zones, allowing you to duel enemy players and take their ears upon victory, similar to Diablo 2. 
How to Become Bloodmarked in Diablo 4
Within the Fields of Hatred zone, hold up on the d-pad and scroll to the skull symbol on the bottom of the wheel to become Bloodmarked. Two areas in Diablo 4 are labeled as the Fields of Hatred. Both zones are meant for player-versus-player gameplay, so you have to be within either zone before you can initiate the mark.
Once you enter the Fields of Hatred, you have the option to see the Bloodmarked status on your emote wheel. Anyone can turn the effect on or off, regardless of level. However, you want to be very careful about using it. As soon as you become Bloodmarked in the Fields of Hatred, you are open to attacks from other players.
How to Activate Mark for Blood in Diablo 4
You can treat Fields of Hatred as a PVE zone to explore and fight in if you want. But that doesn’t protect you from Bloodmarked players. However, if you’re looking to dish out some pain yourself, you’ll have to activate the PVP status first. You will know it was successful after getting a red ring under your character.
To do that, bring up your emote wheel (by default ‘E’ on PC to bring up the action wheel) and select Mark for Blood. That’s all there is to it. Now you’ve Bloodmarked your character and will be able to attack others, and even unmarked players. That also means that other players will be able to attack you too, whether they’re Bloodmarked themselves or not.
To remove the Bloodmark from your character, you have to visit an Altar of Cleansing. After a short ritual cast, your PVP status will be removed. Don’t confuse them with the Altar of Extraction, where you perform the purification rituals for the Seeds of Hatred.
Where to find Diablo 4 PvP zones
The Diablo 4 map is open from the beginning, with Blizzard having injected it with light MMO sensibilities to ensure that you're able to encounter other players outside of set Diablo 4 co-op parties. However you won't be able to damage, battle, or harm any random wanderer that you come across – you'll first need to head to specific PvP zones that are scattered across Sanctuary.
There are two Fields of Hatred, and each comes equipped with a recommended level of 50. You can easily discern these PvP viable areas on the map as they are painted red, whereas every other segment of regions are shades of beige. 
Dry Steppes region: Fields of Hatred (Lv. 50)
Kehjistan region: Fields of Hatred (Lv. 50)
Players can learn about the Bloodmarked mechanics by reading this guidance and prepare for the PvP battle in Diablo 4. You can also Buy Diablo 4 Gold to upgrade your weapon or gear for characters in Season 3.
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