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Destiny 2 News & Guides

Destiny 2 Weapon Guide: How to Obtain the Wicked Implement Exotic Rifle and Catalyst

In the Destiny 2 seasonal activity Depp Dive, there are a lot of different quests for players to complete. Players can get good items or weapons as rewards. One of these weapons is the Wicked Implement Exotic scout rifle. Some players are willing to know how to get this weapon. You can read this article and learn from the guidance. Players can use Cheap D2 Silver to unlock good weapons or gear for characters in order to complete more quests. 
How to Get the Wicked Implement Weapon in Destiny 2
The Wicked Implement is an exotic scout rifle in Destiny 2. It is featured as an unlockable reward in Season of the Deep, which runs until August 22. After that date, only season pass owners can continue to work toward the new gun.
The rifle is gained by participating in Deep Dives, specifically, the Whetstone encounter. Players can unlock the fight now as of early July. However, there is also a related challenge that unlocks on the 10th week of the season, July 25. This will likely go live as soon as the Destiny 2 weekly reset occurs. However, players can pre-prep for the bonus challenge by getting comfortable with Deep Dives, the bosses inside, and other challenges.
Basic Procedures of Geting Wicked Implement in Destiny 2:
Fish for Whispering Mothcarp in the Throne World
Fish for Vexing Placoderm on Nessus
Fish for Aeonian Alpha-Betta Exotic fish in the EDZ
Deposit the fish in the aquarium at the Helm to receive the Broken Blade of Cunning, Broken Blade of Strife, and Broken Blade of Ambition
Load the seasonal Deep Dives activity
Deposit the first blade into the statue just before the first encounter
Deposit the second blade into the statue after the first encounter in the same room
Deposit the third blade into the statue after the spinning blade between the first and second encounters
When the Deep Dive finishes, a new door will unlock – enter it to begin the Whetstone encounter
Select the ‘Carve a Path of Violence’ option
Clear the enemies and the two bosses within the time limit
‘Claim Power’ from the Winnower statue to receive Wicked Implement
How to Get Wicked Implement Catalyst in Destiny 2
To get the Wicked Implement catalyst, you need to run Deep Dives. The catalyst has a random chance to drop during the Deep Dive activities once you own the weapon.
Like all catalysts, this one will make your gun stronger. In this instance, the Wicked Implement exotic catalyst boosts the capabilities of the weapon traits. Once integrated, picking up stasis shards with Creeping Attrition active will be able to overflow the magazine, meaning even more shots before you need to reload.
Function of Wicked Implement Catalyst 
The Wicked Implement Catalyst grants the Exotic Scout Rifle a Stasis variant of Overflow. When equipped, collecting a Stasis shard gradually reloads and overflows the magazine.
This catalyst isn’t too useful for DPS but it does help Wicked Implement freeze enemies as the additional shots give it a more forgiving window to trigger the effect. It’s especially helpful when trying to freeze multiple enemies quickly or repeatedly stun champions.
Players who want to get the Wicked Implement and its catalyst can experiment the guidance in the game. And we hope that you can get this weapons quickly. In order to unlock other good rewards, players can Buy Destiny 2 Silver to get the Battle Pass and obtain good quest rewards.
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