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MapleStory M Mesos News & Guides

A Walkthrough of Elite Dungeon in Maplestory M, Clearing Monsters More Easily

   MMORPG   Strategy Games   Maplestory M Download   MapleStory M Guides   2018-09-14 08:53:20
For player who play Maplestory competively, aside from various Auto quests, they also need to spend lots of time to take part in dungeon raids. Dungeon raids can be divided into three classes based on players’ level. At the beginning, a player is allowed to compete Daily Dungeon, then the Elite Dungeon at level 15 and eventually Mini Dungeon at level 25. As you level up higher, you will unlock different monsters and get “high rank items” by defeating those monsters. Herein, this article is providing a walkthrough for the Elite Dungeon, which is said to be the most time-consuming and complicated for most players.

Elite Dungeon

Elite Dungeon Overview

First, only players reach level 15 will have the access to Elite Dungeon.Elite Dungeon consists of three stages, one of which is a boss. Players can move on to the next stage by defeating all the monsters in the prior stage. Based on monsters’ ATK and HP,  there are two difficulty modes: Normal Mode and Hard Mode, with a total of around 90 monsters. A mini boss will come at the end.

Entering Elite Dungeon

Players can get access to Elite Dungeon through the Quick Menu and Main Menu. Click Dungeon and move forward to Elite Dungeon. After finishing this,you can play an Elite Dungeon through either the Create Room or Quick Join. For the Create Room, you will create a private room for the Elite Dungeon, which other players are not allowed to enter unless your friends and guild members. For the Quick Join, you will enter an existing room for the Elite Dungeon. If there is none, you can create a public waiting room yourself. Players can enter three times a day for free.We is one of the best websites for providing Cheap Maplestory M Mesos.

Tips and Tricks for Sweeping Elite Dungeon


Using Sweep Tickets is one o f the easiest way to defeating monsters in Elite Dungeon. Sweep Tickets can be earned as rewards by completing certain amount of quests. However, using Sweep Tickets doesn’t guarantee you to defeat monsters. There’s some notes you need to pay attention to. First, Sweep Tickets can only be effective on monsters you’ve already defeated. Secondly, you need to consider the Sweep Chance before you use Sweep Tickets.

Try to cooperate with your friends or guild friends when you defeat in Elite Dungeon, otherwise you might be dead immediately. If you suffer such misfortune, you can buy Respawn Tickets in the Cash Shop to revive yourself to have a another try either by using real money or by using crystals. Buy Cheap Maplestory M Mesos at If you don’t want to pay, you need to complete some more advanced quests in the game to earn crystals.

Rewards for Sweeping Elite Dungeon

By defeating monsters, players will be rewarded with tickets,jewels and items for upgrading your equipments. You can also get an epic equipment plus a few refine powder upon completion, where you can use the epic equipment for gold leaves or sell it in the Trade Station.
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