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POE Exalted Orb News & Guides

Complex System Game Demo Online Game and Path of Exile Demo Commentary

   Xbox One Games   PC Games   Path of Exile Guide   Path of Exile Review   2018-09-13 08:43:35
Grinding Gear Games recently announced the results of the 2013 copy 2 new tour Path of Exile: By the end of 2013, the number of registered users of the game exceeded 3.7 million, and the maximum number of simultaneous online users reached 700,000.
The official also recalled some game update figures, including the game has updated 87 patches so far, added 1000 race events, released 222 official announcements. The game development team members also increased from 20 to 55 People, of which the core developers reached 35 people, just doubled from the beginning.


This game is similar to the Dark series style, and has a high popularity in foreign countries. Today, we also brings the Path of Exile commentary video explained children's shoes. Let’s take a look. The Path of Exile development team revealed that the current chapter has reached the third chapter. Here is our page - The fourth chapter is under development. In addition to extending the original main line, the existing chapter map will add new monsters and new subsidiary areas. There are also new powerful props, etc and will add more passive and active skill gems. In addition, it also means that the game content will be completely Chinese culture.
Path of Exile is a core-to-rpg game that entered the beta at the end of last year. It combines the settings of Copy 3 and Final Fantasy 7. Deep role customization system. IGN released a video of the actual game explanation of Path of Exile. The main content of the video is to tell us about the game's equipment system and character customization system.
First of all, we see the character's equipment interface and backpack interface. It can be seen that like many RPG games the Path of Exile provides us with a lot of equipment, props and gems. After that, an interface that seems to be as dense as a circuit board is the skill tree of the task. It can be seen that the skill tree system of the Path of Exile is very complicated, and the skill tree of the character cannot be easily changed once it is finalized. Because the designers think that players will pay more attention to their roles and have a sense of belonging to them.

Equipment in Path of Exile


In terms of equipment, the equipment in Path of Exile is also divided according to the degree of rarity. If you liked this short article and you would like to get even more information concerning Path of Exile Orb kindly go to the internet site. But in some cases, ordinary equipment of white characters may also be useful, because white equipment may have higher attacks.
Defensive power, and second, because the game is designed with a variety of gems, these gems have different functions, some can upgrade white equipment to rare equipment, but the attributes are random, and some can erase the rare attributes of rare equipment. There are also gems that can be upgraded for equipment. You can see that the video author succeeded in getting a rare glove with better properties after upgrading for a white glove.
Similar to many RPG games, the equipment attributes and character skills in Path of Exile will also affect each other. Use this 3%-off coupon to buy Cheap Path of Exile Orb from our site: "MMOCSVIP". Players need to consider their choice of career, skill plus points and character attributes, equipment selection to achieve their desired results. The game also allows players to sell equipment to NPC to get gems. In this way, players can make full use of the equipment they don't need to get the raw materials and upgrade the equipment they really need.
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