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Dofus Touch Goultines

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A free online game that requires no monthly subscription, DOFUS Touch also differentiates itself from its older sibling DOFUS through its economic model: Goultines have now replaced Ogrines, and Kamas may now be used for in-game purchases! Follow the guide.
Have you earned a lot of Kamas while playing? Do you have Goultines that you purchased with Euros? No matter where your riches come from, in DOFUS Touch, players may pay for all items and services in the shop, as well as items available in the Market, interchangeably with Kamas or Goultines!
Have you seen a Set in the Marketplace that would help you explore the dungeon of your dreams? Prices for this Set, which was put up for sale by another player, are displayed in both Kamas and Goultines: you may purchase it using whatever currency you possess. Either way, the seller will receive payment in Kamas for the items they have sold.
Do you see a pet in the shop that you're itching to buy? Here again, the price is indicated in both Goultines and Kamas, and you may make your purchase with the currency of your choice.
This system is made possible thanks to an equivalency rate between Goultines and Kamas, inspired by the Kama stock market and determined by economists, based on complex mathematical formulas. This rate, which is specific to each server, will be updated automatically at regular intervals, depending on the "monetary" flows generated by the players' actions (without any outside intervention; only purchases made by players in Kamas and Goultines will influence the rate) .
As a result, Goultine prices in the Market and Kama prices in the shop may vary in order to remain consistent with the evolution of each server's economy.
Furthermore, this system gives players access to all content in the Market and the shop, whether they possess Kama or Goultines.
To sum up, what can be bought and how?
With fiat currencies, you may purchase Goultines.
With Goultines, you may purchase:
all items in the shop and in Bonus Packs
all items available in-game (whether sold in the Market or by a Merchant), thanks to an automatic Goultine/Kama conversion (the seller receives the price of the item in kamas).
With Kamas, you may purchase:
all items available in-game
all items in the shop and in Bonus Packs
There, now you know everything there is to know about buying items in DOFUS Touch!
We have own internal channel,we can offer cheaper price of Dofus Touch Goultines.Because of Goultines can not be exchange between different accounts,so we need login your account to load Goultines on your account!We support paymentpal guarantee transaction payment,100% safe,the order will be completed in 24hours.For prevent disputes,pls change the password of your account after we finish your order.

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