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Simulation Games

  • League of Legends Guide Unlock Champ Trading in ARURF Mode

    Enemies won’t be too hostile to you, when they find you are a rookie of League of Legends. This phenomenon won’t happen in any other MOBA games, I guess, because I’ve been bullied by may other gamers in the game and they hit & run after me to our base. I recommend new players playing with AI for at least 100 matches to figure ...

    2018-05-28 09:15:17

  • Trove Adventures Update Costume Packs Gambling Guide

    Trove recently received, in Mid-May, the 2018 title update from Trion Worlds, which was much-anticipated patch since March 23, the last release date. Arduous quests are inserted into the PvE mode, according to this calculation, the difficulty of farming and leveling was increased 25% at least, games will be rely more on unofficial Trove Flux provid...

    2018-05-26 09:13:07

  • Fortnite Guide for Private Matches and Skins for Sale

    Fortnite is a new FPS game that released when the game PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds in its heydays, when you want to save money from playing the game, you need to register our site to claim the fastest delivery Fortnite Account, in which contains full inventory of V-Bucks. For sake of buying Cheap Fortnite Items like Rough Ore, Cha...

    2018-05-23 08:58:38

  • World of Warplanes Gameplay Engine Turning Skills Guide

    World of Warplanes plans to develop a modern aircraft combat video game for gamers to enjoy the aerial war experience on computer, features all kinds of modern combat planes, grand aero map, exciting quests, moderate difficulty gameplay, and lifelike graphics. The game was released in 2013 worldwide, and received 69 marks out of 100 as full mark fr...

    2018-05-15 08:54:04

  • Blade & Soul Daily Challenge Quest Removed Moonstones In Reward Crates

    Perhaps Blade & Soul is the best choice in Free-to-Play MMORPG. NCSOFT is the best developer and always care about gamer’s requirements and maintenance time were always be arranged in deep night so seldom had gamer complain about the server issue. But that isn’t imply there are no glitches in the game, which are even severe in the g...

    2018-05-14 09:12:00

  • Balanced PvP System of Star Wars The Old Republic in 6th Anniversary Celebration

    Reset your game if you find any suspicious issues that different from previous. When you download files from internet, your computer may get compromised by virus or Trojans inside the risky files, the result will always be your SWTOR account be hacked or banned. Star Wars is one of the best and most successful online game series that most of gamers...

    2018-05-09 09:01:58

  • World of Warships Living Survival Manual You Need Know

    Do not put all your eggs in one basket, you will know this rule when you become a veteran gamer in World of Warships. Just develop a couple of triple of warships in different pattern to make you flexible in all kinds of combat in World of Warships, while you only have one warship you may not available for some certain situations so you may miss man...

    2018-05-04 09:11:56

  • FH3 Hot Wheels Update and 2018 May Guides

    This week, Microsoft Studio released a new Forzathon event for all FH3 gamers for weekend amusement activities. Playground Games are really focusing on this game that they’ve never treat the game so seriously after the release of FM7, which was said to be the successor of current FH3, but gamers won’t buy it. Many of us on forum said th...

    2018-04-27 10:33:42

  • Best Roblox Scripting Guide for Beginners 2018

    If you have programming basic knowledge or you’ve been working in software company using Java, Delphi, Python, or CPP you will easily understand this article listed code examples. If you regular customers do not specialized on computer or programming, this guide will also help you to achieve the aim. You need not to figure the code&...

    2018-04-25 08:51:15

  • Last Empire War Z Guide for Mirth Maker

    The MMO Strategy Game Last Empire War Z is a popular mobile phone game developed by IM30 Game Studio and published by the same company in 2015, and has amasses millions of gamers around the world from more than 220 countries. As far as I know, there are only 220 countries on Earth, so is it told us the game has been popular in all over the world? A...

    2018-04-23 09:10:48

  • Five Online Games Similar to 9Dragons Even More Popular 2018

    9Dragons is an online video game features a sleek Arabic number plus English vocabulary name, but it’s a pure Chinese company developed and released game. The number 3 or 9 represent the power or right in Chinese convention. If you want to know more history and legend about the dragon, or you want to know more about China, you can play the ga...

    2018-04-14 10:29:11

  • 4Story Collectibles and Best Weapon Crafting Guide 2018

    It’s the best year for 4Story gamers to release their enthusiasm that on the threshold of explosion before the next heavy patch releases. Ineffable gaming feelings just like steps into an outlandish realm that unbridle your imagination. There are everything you can imagine and everything beyond your imagination. Lacquer will be useless when p...

    2018-04-14 09:20:01

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