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News & Guides

FH3 Hot Wheels Update and 2018 May Guides

      Xbox One Games   Simulation Games   2018-04-27 10:33:42
This week, Microsoft Studio released a new Forzathon event for all FH3 gamers for weekend amusement activities. Playground Games are really focusing on this game that they’ve never treat the game so seriously after the release of FM7, which was said to be the successor of current FH3, but gamers won’t buy it. Many of us on forum said that the graphics of FM7 was even poorer than FH3, most because of the light/shadow effect and textures quality. How do you like Barn Storming event this week? If you want to join it please update your game immediately.

Fantasy Cars in FH3

Latest FH3 Patch addressed many glitches. Fixed an issue where Club search was not working with the criteria left blank. And also solve the problem of some advanced video settings on PC caused the title to freeze on the optimization screen. I’ve taught you all tricks I know, you can share yours to me so that I can re-share them to gamers of our site. Now the first part of the FH3 Guide has ended, the following content will be more fantastic. New graphics algorithm solve the problem of the graphics will be too dark or bright in some rare situations. For Forza Horizon 3 players, the Regalia will be sent to all players and will be redeemable through the in-game messaging system.
The best way to get recognized in the community is to participate in our contests. Winners of the livery contests will be Featured Items which means that the paint will be shown to a much wider player audience which will hopefully boost your downloads and uses and thus, payouts from the paint. Players have 40 seconds to vote on their preferred championship, and the championship with the most votes at the end of timer will be selected for the next Online Adventure. All of which are interconnected with Hot Wheels tracks with loops, corkscrews, and boost pads.
This is in regards to the FH3 hub rewards, as stated in the title of the thread. If you are having issues with FM4, please post in the appropriate forums. Also, I know they are looking into FM issues with the hub not giving rewards. Please make sure you have installed the newest update and that you reset your Xbox. Also, Its being sent to everyone at once so there might be a delay. Mine took about 20 minutes to show up in my gifts. Although playing the ad when you started the game is pretty bad, most games do this with the message of the day splash screen advertising the next game.

FH3 New Cars Added

Guess I missed that post back then, that sucks. But thanks for taking the time to share this info with me, was really in the dark here about the situation. I guess I’ll just have to keep hoping for a dlc then, that would be one DLC I wouldn't mind paying. It's time for you to AFK the game, just sell your account and Credits to us, we recycle your in-game items and all values with decent price, if you don't want to quit so quick, you can Buy our Cheap FH3 Credits. We are investigating Texture Corruption and Long Loading Times on Forza Horizon 3. The addition of Final Fantasy XV’s The Regalia next week will see a new content update released for the game, which will also add the Flying Lizard, and potentially a new Car Pack.
What do you think about our professional Forza Horizon 3 Guide? We are keen on help our visitors and customers to get some useful tips for the new DLC, and to Buy Cheapest FH3 Credits with Safety guarantee. We are experienced and reliable and we never scam our partners, just join us Affiliate Program to earn a salary from your game. If you want to get the most timely news and Guides of FH3, please keep following us Do your favorite quests and challenges to win credits by yourself. 
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