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Roblox Robux News & Guides

Roblox Sols RNG Guide: How to Play Sols RNG As Beginners

Roblox Sols RNG is a new game, which allows players to get the rarest possible Aura. Players have access to obtain various kinds of Aura based on the RNG mechanics in the game. So, do you want to know how to play Sols as beginners? Players can use Cheap Roblox Robux to get the best items and materials for characters in the game shop.
What are Sol's RNG in Roblox?
Sol’s RNG is a unique Roblox game that is still in development. This means that further content may be added in future updates, but for now, the main goal in the game is to obtain as many auras as possible! You have unlimited rolls and can also craft items to increase your overall luck. In short, the endgame is being able to flex the rarest and coolest auras around!
Basic Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Play Sols RNG
Collect Auras
In the middle of the screen, you'll see the Roll button, and by clicking on it, you'll get one of the various Auras. Depending on your luck, you can get different rare auras with a lower chance of dropping to make you stand out from the crowd. In general, this is the essence of the game, but you will always have something to do because you will need to increase your luck to get better Auras faster.
Increase Luck with Potions
As mentioned in the game title, the main mechanic you'll interact with the most is the random number generation. You'll be pressing the Roll button every time to get another Aura, but if you're not using power-ups or potential benefits, getting more rare skins will take a very long time. We will help to maximize your luck.
The first and rather easy way to increase your luck is to use the Lucky Potion. This green-colored potion will give you +100% Luck. You can also use Speed Potion to get a -25% Cooltime Roll and farm new auras much faster. Both potions can be obtained by simply traveling the world. They will randomly spawn somewhere on the ground, so just approach to pick them up before someone else does. This way, you can partially farm the potion and always have some luck in reserve.
In addition, you can also search for NPC Stella to craft even cooler potions. Here, you can create, Fortune Potion III, for example, which will give you +250% Luck, or even Heavenly Potion II, which will add 200000% luck to 1 roll. The creation of these potions requires the sacrifice of regular Lucky or Speed potions and Auras, which you get as a result of the roll.
Sols RNG Heavenly Potion
The Heavenly Potion is a consumable item that massively increases your luck. When consuming the Heavenly Potion, you get a 1,000,000% luck boost. However, this effect only lasts for a singular roll. There’s also a more powerful version called Heavenly Potion II. You guessed it, it boosts your luck even more! This consumable grants you the effect of a 2,000,000% boost to your luck.
Craft Recipes
This is where the true gameplay begins! Rolling for auras isn’t all about getting the best ones all the time. Sometimes, you need specific ones for crafting recipes. Understandably, the more powerful items require rarer auras. This means you need to roll quite a bit when working towards craftable items. You never know, you might get a cool aura while doing it!
I suggest adding an aura to a recipe as soon as you obtain it, as this helps to clear your inventory. Once you have all of the auras/materials a recipe requires, you can craft it!
Players can consider these tips when you are going to play Sols RNG in Roblox. And you can also Buy Roblox Robux to unlock good items for characters in the game.
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