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Roblox Robux News & Guides

Roblox Blox Fruits Sword Guide: How to Obtain the Saber Sword in Blox Fruits

As players are playing Blox Fruits, they are willing to equip best weapons with characters for exploration. When it comes to the Saber Sword, it is one of the Legendary Swords in the game. Many players are interested in this weapon and want to know how to get the Saber Sword in Blox Fruits. Players can use Cheap Roblox Robux to upgrade characters quickly and equip powerful gears in the game.
What’s the Saber Sword in Blox Fruits?
The saber is a powerful sword, making it a very good weapon for fighting enemies. It has a decent hitbox and can deal out good damage. The upgraded version, Saber V2, deals out even more outstanding damage than the regular Saber V1. In Blox Fruits, you must collect swords from various fruits to get the saber. You can either upgrade your current sword to Saber V2 or obtain the better version by farming swords from fruits in-game. Once you have enough swords and reach level 500, you’ll be able to get the legendary Saber! With this powerful weapon in your arsenal, no enemy will stand in your way!
How to Get the Saber Sword in Blox Fruits
Unlocking the Saber in Blox Fruits involves solving the Saber Expert Puzzle and defeating the Saber Expert boss. We recommend you do this only after you reach level 200 or above, as this boss is quite strong. Follow these steps to get to Saber Expert:
First, find and press six buttons on Jungle Island, then go to the house in the center of the island.
Going down, search for a hole through which you can enter a secret room. Read the inscription and take the Torch.
Afterward, go to Desert Island and find a house with a red door. Head inside and use the Torch you retrieved earlier to burn the curtain.
Go to another secret room, read the inscription on the wall, and take the Cup.
After that, head to the cave on Frozen Village Island.
Stand under an icicle from which water drips to fill the Cup.
Then help Sick Man in the Village by giving him the Cup.
Now you need to go to the Pirate Village island, talk to the Rich Man and defeat the Mob Leader to get the Ancient Relic.
Finally, return to Jungle Island and insert the Relic into the wall near the Blox Fruits Gacha.
Going inside, you will find the Saber Expert boss. If it’s not there, you must wait up to 30 minutes for it to respawn. You will receive a Saber for beating him with a 100% chance.
The final challenge awaits you in the secret area, where you’ll face the Sabo Expert boss. This adversary is a formidable level 200 foe, so be prepared for an intense battle. Defeat the Sabo Expert, and you’ll finally be rewarded with the elusive Shanks Saber!
Congratulations! You’ve successfully obtained the Shanks Saber! Now, all that’s left is to equip this powerful weapon and unleash its full potential in Blox Fruits. The journey may have been challenging, but the result is undoubtedly worth it. You’ve now got an impressive weapon that will surely strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.
Players who want to get the Saber Sword can experiment the guidance in Blox Fruits, and we hope that you can get this weapon successfully. And if you want to upgrade your gears or characters, you can Buy Roblox Robux to find necessary leveling materials in the game shop.
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