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NBA 2K23 VC News & Guides

NBA 2K23 Jumpshots Guide: How to Set the Best Jumpshots for Your Player in NBA 2K23

When players are playing matches in NBA 2K23, you need score more goals with your players on the court to win the match. So, you don’t forget the importance of jumpshots of your players. A good jumpshot will help you shoot smoothly and correctly. Do you want to know how to set the best jumpshots for your player in NBA 2K23? You can read this article and learn from the guidance. Players can use Cheap NBA 2K23 VC to upgrade badges quickly in order to enhance their capacities on the court. 
What’s the jumpshot in NBA 2K23?
Jumpshots are when a player hops up in the air and takes a shot while in mid-air. Not only does it allow the player to throw the ball with less trajectory, but it also allows them to evade the opposition blocks by getting extra height on their shot. This is why the jump shot is a key component in NBA 2K23. 
Especially if you’re aiming to score a three-pointer, you will need to use the jump shot perfectly. The Jumpshot has various factors within the whole process. The angle of the hand along with the ball release timing determines how fast or looping the shot is. Since point guards must escape blocks more quickly than other taller players, they typically have quicker jump shots.
How to Set the Best Jumpshot in NBA 2K23
For that, you first need to start up the game and head to the Features tab in the main menu and then head over to the Controller Settings tab. In this section, you should see the Shot Timing Release Time option if you scroll down a little.
To get the best experience, we’d want to set this setting to Early. This will allow the green window for a jump shot to come comparatively earlier at the base of the bar. This will allow for a faster release.
The Shot Timing Release Time is the only setting by far that you need to tweak for a better jump shot, and it is set on ‘Early’ by many of the best NBA players out there.
Best Jumpshots for Guards
Guards under 6’5″ are spoiled when it comes to jumpshots this year, as they have the quickest and smoothest available to them. Here are the best jumpshot bases we’ve found that maximize the four shooting categories:
Guards with a High 3pt Rating (89+)
Base: Seth Curry
Upper Releases: Oscar Robertson (80%), Trae Young 20%
Best Jumpshot for Big Man (Over 6'10")
Base: Kevin Durant (Alternative: Oshae Brissett)
Release 1: Tim Duncan (90%)
Release 2: Luka Dončić (10%)
Release Speed: Full
Tips of Making Your Best Jumpshot in NBA 2K23
First of all, strive to unlock and equip the best badges that can boost the chances of your jumpshots going in. For example, Amped, which lowers fatigue’s impact on your ability to hit shots, Catch & Shoot, Deadeye, and Limitless Range.
Another way to increase your field goal percentage is understanding how hot zones work. To put it simply, hot zones are the parts of the court where your player has found success at shooting, which means taking a shot from these areas increases the likelihood of your attempt going through the hoop.
If you have known how to set the jumpshot of your players in NBA 2K23 MyCareer Mode, you will have more chances to score more goals in the matches. Winning matches is easier than before. In addition, you can Buy NBA 2K23 VC to upgrade your shooting badges quickly at the same time, which is good for jumpshots as well. 
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