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Fallout 76 Bottle Caps News & Guides

How to Complete Key to The Past Quest in Fallout 76

Key to The Past Quest  is the third part of the Raider faction questline that you need to complete for Rose before you finish The Missing Link, following Signal Strength and Flavors of Mayhem. Key to The Past is one of the most rewarding missions for the Raider faction in Fallout 76 and also a pretty tough one in the game. To save you time, this Key to The Past guide will show you how do you complete the quest, so keep on reading.

key to the past quest

Where to Get the Fallout 76 Key to the Past Quest
The Key to the Past quest is the third part of the Raider faction questline. To start the questline you have to  go to the Top of the World building,located in the east of the town of Flathills. When you arrive at it, you’ll hear a woman named Rose talk to you through the intercom. First, you need to complete her first two missions: Signal Strength and Flavors of Mayhem. Then  return to Rose and she’ll give you the Key to the Past quest.
The Blackwater Bandits Key Fragment
Your first objective is to trek out to Blackwater Mine to check a terminal. You need to find the Blackwater Mine, which should be  south of Top of the World in the Savage Divide. You can find a terminal just inside the mine. Access it, and search Freddie Lang who has the first key fragment. Kill him, raid his irradiated corpse, and grab the key fragment.
The Trappers’ Key Fragment
After you have completed Blackwater Bandits Key Fragment, you can head back to the surface. From the mine, head southeast across the Savage Divide to the Devil’s Backbone, located due east of Huntersville. In this area you can find a Trappers’ Camp. Then find the body of Walter Griswold near the middle of Huntersville, a small town filled with Super Mutants,and the Trappers’ Key Fragment is in his inventory.
The Diehards Key Fragment
The next key fragment is with Margie McClintock, the leader of the Diehards, whose last known location was at Sunnytop Ski Lanes,located far to the north, way past Top of the World and directly north of the Sons of Dane compound. When you reach here and find that Margie is destroyed the holotape with her key fragment on it. Your only hope is someone called Vincent, who may have a backup. His terminal is located across the lodge and downstairs. Log in, select “Inbox” then “Admin Password.”head to Palace of the Winding Path and you’ll find the Palace Admin Password in a dresser in one of the rooms. Head to the Holotape Duplication Terminal and copy the Diehards’ key fragment. This is the best gift for you to enhance your Fallout 76 gaming experience: Cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps for Sale for you.come to, enjoy 24/7 service.


The Gourmands Key Fragment
From the Palace of the Winding Path, you need to cross back over from the Savage Divide into the Forest to find Bolton Greens. This site can be found southeast of Vault 76 close to the border with the Savage Divide. At the site, head to the top of the building where you’ll find the Gourmands Note.however, the key is located at a place called Wendigo Cave, which is in the Savage Divide, northeast of Top of the World. The Wendigo Cave is filled with Mirelurks and Wendigos. Fight your way through to reach the Gourmands Key Fragment and then get out as fast as possible!
The Cutthroats Key Fragment
The final part of the Master Key is the Cutthroats’ key fragment, which is owned by the leader of the Goumands, David, who was last seen at Big Fred’s BBQ Shack. This is located to the south, just south-east of Top of the World, right next to the “105” on Route 105. There’s a lot of Feral Ghouls in this area. Put them down, and you’ll be attacked by David Thorpe, who’s become a well-armored Scorched. Kill him, and take his key fragment. Now it’s time to complete the key, and the mission.
After find all the five fragments, you return to Rose. This isn’t the end of the quest, however. The final objective is to find the remains of Rosalynn in the Charleston Capitol Building in the southern region of the Forest. Enter the Charleston Capitol Courthouse and access the terminal in the basement. Read the “Doe, J.” entry, and then enter the next room.
At last, you can access the Raider Cache. This cache is in the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort, right next to Top of the World. In the resort’s basement, you’ll find a locked door, but the key is simply under the mat. Now use the keycard reader inside to open the cache, completing Key to the Past in the process. You can now claim your loot, including some nice Raider Power Armor.
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