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Roblox Robux News And Guides

  • How to Rob A Museum in Jailbreak

    The Museum is currently the newest robbery or heist in Jailbreak added in the Museum Robbery Update, and is located right next to the Radio Tower. When robbing the Museum, without the Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass you would have 5 kg of maximum carrying weight. If you do have the gamepass, however, you'll get an extra 3 kg of holding wei...

    2018-10-09 08:36:59

  • Roblox Games: The Most Popular and Safe Online Games for Players and Builders

    Roblox is the latest trend to sweep the gaming market, bringing in more than 56 million players worldwide. There are dozens of incredibly popular games on the market right now but if you aren't playing Fortnite, PUBG, probably you are interested in playing the fun new social game, Roblox. The free-to-play game is available on most platform...

    2018-08-28 09:11:57

  • Roblox MeepCity Fishing Tips & Buy Your Own Estate

    Your Fishing Bucket can contain up to 20 fishes in full, no matter how big your fishes are or how much they value. Just leave the port and go to the Pet Shop to sell them for money, the prices have shown for you at the time you caught them. But in general, the heavier the fish, the higher their price will be.   Tip for Fast Fishing: S...

    2018-07-27 08:57:43

  • Best Roblox Scripting Guide for Beginners 2018

    If you have programming basic knowledge or you’ve been working in software company using Java, Delphi, Python, or CPP you will easily understand this article listed code examples. If you regular customers do not specialized on computer or programming, this guide will also help you to achieve the aim. You need not to figure the code&...

    2018-04-25 08:51:15

  • Roblox Guide: How to Play Escape Gramdmas House Obby!

    Before the guide starts, I strong suggest you play the game for one time by yourself!   Hi guys and cuties, today I’d like to share you the walkthrough of the Roblox Escape Grandmas House Obby! The game was made by Packstabber Obby, I don’t know him but the game is really good and friendly for all ages of gamers. The first time I...

    2018-03-15 09:18:16

  • Roblox Guide Build Cool Buildings

    Roblox is one of the most interesting sandbox MMORPG I’ve ever played. I’ve created Minecraft & Terraria server on PC and my phone, and I’ve spent a lot of time playing with my net friends. But those games can be only run on private server, never had an authentic sandbox online game like Roblox that provide permanent online ga...

    2018-01-11 09:36:59

  • Roblox Guns & Melee Fighting Guide

    Roblox is a fantasy MMORPG mixed building and fighting gameplay elements in which you can play with approximate 9m gamers around the world together. Similar with Minecraft but all gamers login to the official server instead of private server, so you may meet many foreigners in your country’s server. And there’s no food system, so player...

    2018-01-04 09:03:37

  • Roblox Guide: How to Get a Car?

    This Roblox Guide is for new gamers who don’t know how to gain a car and drive it, or whether the car needs upkeep? Roblox is a sandbox game so everything in the game need you to craft personally, if don’t you can get a car from others online, but that will miss the most interesting part of the game. In order to get your own car that fe...

    2017-12-15 09:06:21

  • Roblox Game Mode Collections & Robux

    Check the latest Roblox News and Guide, improve your gameplay, conquer more maps and bosses. We now collected and combed the most useful tips for you Roblox gamers. If you find this guide helpful, please us know, we’ll do better later.   Create Your Roblox Account When someone creates a Roblox account there are several diffe...

    2017-12-08 09:31:54

  • Roblox Building Construction Guides Comprehensive Edition

    Roblox is a game in which player can exert their imagination and enjoy the creations made by themselves, and also share ideas with others to make the game more concrete. Besides abstract physical effects and artistic designation, buildings are the most representative creation in the game, that seems easy for every rookies to start up their creative...

    2017-12-01 09:31:12

  • Roblox Update 316 on November 15 Patch Note

    Roblox is the worldie most popular sandbox online game developed and published by Roblox Corporation for PC, iOS, Android, Xbox One, PS4, and Mac. After been in service for more than eleven years, the game still maintains great vitality and vigor by its creative gameplay and customizable world map.   Sign Up Roblox Here: Roblox I’ve...

    2017-11-29 09:11:04

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