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Destiny 2 News & Guides

Destiny 2 New SMG Gun: How to Get The Title SMG New Legendary Gun in Guardian Games

When the new event comes to Destiny 2, there will be new weapons introduced in the game. As the new event Guardian Games comes, a new legendary SMG called The Title has been added into the game. If you want to get this new weapon, you need to complete some relevant quests. So, you can get the guidance from reading this article. Good Weapons can also be unlocked via D2 Silver if you have got enough of them in your inventory. 

What’s the Title SMG?
The Title is an interesting new addition to the weapon Pool in Destiny 2. It’s a Void Energy SMG with a high rate of fire, and a one-of-a-kind perk called Classy Contender. This perk is activated by final blows, and regenerates a portion of your class ability energy, the fuel that enables Hunters to disappear with dodges, Warlocks to drop healing aura, and Titans to form barricades. These are powerful abilities that Guardians will build entire loadouts around, and being able to reuse them with great frequency can have major ramifications in both PVE and PVP. Add a second, randomized perk slot, and The Title can be an outstanding weapon in skilled hands.
How to Get the Title SMG in Destiny 2
If you lean into the Guardian Games, you'll likely get multiple rolls of The Title, but your first chance at the gun will require you to finish the event's opening quest, "Best in Class." It's not especially difficult, but it is something you'll want to knock out quickly in order to start messing around with your new gun and to fully open up your Guardian Games options.
Your quest starts in the Tower with Eva Levante, the event vendor who shows up in the center of the Courtyard. To start, you'll want to claim your Guardian Games class item, which you get for free. After that, pick a "Contender Card" from Eva. You're going to need to complete a playlist activity like a Strike or Gambit match, so pick the card that lines up with whatever you want to do next--you should only need to complete one activity, so all options are equal.
In order to farm additional rolls of The Title, you will need to participate in Destiny 2’s Guardian Games. By turning in medals to the podium you will get random items which includes The Title. You can get bronze and silver medals by completing activities. You get gold and platinum medals by finishing contender cards that you buy from Eva for Laurels. You get Laurels by wearing the class item given to you at the beginning of the Guardian Games.
After you've knocked out your activity and earned a few Laurels, you'll return to the Tower to deposit your medallion in the big podium in the center of the courtyard. Return to Eva and she'll give you another item, the Medallion Case, which tracks the medallions you earn and the Laurels you're carrying at any given time.
The God Rolls for The Title in Destiny 2 are a bit more situational than most weapons in the game, but players should definitely keep an eye out for any Stats For All/One For All rolls, as well as any roll that has Swashbuckler with either Dynamic Sway Reduction or Perpetual Motion.
Although the quest is easy to complete for obtaining the rolls of The Title SMG, you need to keep trying to get the whole weapon in the end through various quests. In addition, you can also use  Destiny 2 Silver to unlock more good gear for your characters in order to complete more quests in the game.
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