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Apex Legends Account News & Guides

Apex Legends: How to Best Play Lifeline

   Apex Legends Guide   Legend Lifeline Guide   Lifeline Advantages   2019-07-10 08:58:18
Lifeline, the hardcore support for your team. Equipped with a passive revive shield, faster than average self healing and reviving, a drone that heals in an aoe, and a super strong ultimate of a care package carrying meds, armor, and attachments.


I have played this character all the way to lvl 30 playing aggressively and passive. I have over 100 kills, avg. damage of 500 and 10 wins. I may not be the best player but I would say above average.
Below, I would like to share my personal advice based on my own experience.
Why should you pick up Lifeline?
Lifeline also has arguably the best abilities in the game. 25% faster use of healing items is HUGE. Everybody knows the gold backpack is the best item in the game, and Lifeline's passive is just a weaker version of that. That 25% faster use of heals is useful in every single fight you get into and often makes the difference between life and death (shaving that last second or two off of phoenix and battery and allowing you to aim faster).
Then she gets to revive people faster and shield them while reviving which is also useful in almost every fight.
Then she gets a healing drone which she can use midfight and while she is shielding up, also completely eliminating the need to actually carry medkits/syringes which frees up inventory space.
Then she gets to call in her own supply drops which can’t drop weapons. Not being able to drop weapons is a good thing because it means you have a really high chance of getting purple armor which is extremely important.
Everything in her kit is just useful in every situation. There’s no drawbacks to using her, and you will get several benefits every single match.
General Tips for playing Lifeline:
1)Try your hardest not to be the first one in your squad to engage the enemy. It’s kind of an unspoken agreement that you almost always attempt to take out the enemy Ajay first and foremost. It sucks but such is life when your abilities make you an absolute game changer.
2) That doesn’t mean wuss out of every fight and stick to the back. Go for flanks and sneaky grenade tosses!
Unless your team is The Truth™.they’re still going to need you to lay out an enemy or two so by all means go for kills just be smart.
3) Use your passive ability to bait people in.
That shield you create is loud. Like stupidly loud. So everyone and their mom can hear it when you flick it on. Use that to your advantage and force someone to run at you so they can “stop you from getting the revive” and just shoot em down. Very rarely will someone cautiously approach a reviving Lifeline.
4) Carry a shotgun (thats not the shitzambique) to easily execute tip 3.
Trust me nothing makes you more confident in a gun fight then starting it with a shotty to the body.
5) Not really a Lifeline specific tip but if you’re on a console I highly recommend the evolved button layout.
You can still aim while you’re jumping and crouching and all that jazz.
It’s gorgeous.
6) Your ult is a 1 hit kill machine if you can perfect the timing!
Very rarely do people look up when they’re zeroing in on killing you and nothing is more satisfying then taking out some poor unsuspecting (or camping) sap who had the audacity to get in your way.
7) Don’t use up all of your ultimate accelerants in the beginning of the game.
Stock up a couple and wait till the end phase because depending on where the final fight is deployable cover that can potentially give you a good weapon and a quick armor change is invaluable.
That’s it. That’s all I got. Good luck and I hope you have as much fun with her as I do! If you wanna unlock stylish cosmetics for your legend, Cheap Apex Legends Coins are on sale at, a professional online in-game currency store.
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