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Apex Legends Account News & Guides

Apex Legends' Lifeline Changes: Apex Legends' Lifeline May Be Getting a Rework by Respawn

The lifeline in Apex Legends is a medical character. It is a medical soldier in the team and can provide great help to the team. Respawn may be making some changes to Lifeline in lieu of season nine of Apex Legends. Here's how Respawn might be changing Apex Legends' Lifeline:


Talking with fans on a recent AMA on Reddit, developer Respawn took the time to answer a number of different queries and questions, one of which concerned whether or not Lifeline's shield – which pops up when she's reviving fallen teammates – was a touch overpowered.


"How is Lifeline’s kit being handled?" asked Redditor CSKaay. "Regardless of whether her [ultimate ability] gets changed or buffed, her passive needs a 10-20 sec delay between revives."


So it seems that Respawn will be completely removing Lifeline’s shield wall which pops up when she’s in the process of reviving a downed teammate. While this heavily nerfs the character, the developer will balance this out by increasing the tactical healing speed of her drone by 60 percent and ensuring that her Care Package Ult provides guaranteed upgrades as compared to what the team has looted beforehand.


At first blush, that looks like one doozy of an over-correction, and one unlikely to go down well with Lifeline fans. But it's not all bad news!


Larson also said that the nerf would be balanced by increasing her tactical healing speed by "60 per cent" and buffing her care package drops "to give guaranteed upgrades"... and that sounds particularly intriguing given late game, Lifeline's care packages are essentially useless.


In another recent discussion with the developers, players also found out that Season 8 Legend, Fuse, had the worst win rate of all characters. Perhaps, this Lifeline change will be a part of some larger patch notes which could see less meta characters such as Rampart and Fuse getting changes to their abilities.


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