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La Tale is a MMORPG developed by Actoz Soft published for Microsoft 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 in 2006 in South Korea. It’s a 2D graphics side-scrolling online game, features cute characters, mobs, NPCs, and fantasy map, buildings, storyline and sounded back ground music. The game back ground story tells a mystery story of Iris and his partners’ story of defeat the dark force to rescue the world. Players act as a follower of Iris and steps into the journey that Iris has ever experienced. There’re no injury protect system for players like MapleStory, so be careful not be sieged by mobs. Every class in La Tale have two chance to switch their professions when they reach certain level, lv.80 and lv.150. In the PvP arena, players will be limited in a dungeon-like map to battle with others for 3 minutes.
La Tale Ely is the universal currency of the game, which you will need to upgrade your weapons or armors, and wings (cannot fly but enhance your moving speed or jumping). Medicine is a major consumption item in La Tale when you are in high level. Sometimes your weapon may be destroyed when in upgrading, you will need humongous Ely to seek for a suitable weapon in the market immediately but get into financial trouble. Although you can sell the loots to make some Ely, there’re also large finance gap to buy White Wolf Tears or coliseum weapons. We now provide you the cheapest La Tale Ely. provide not only most timely La Tale News & Guides but also cheap and safe La Tale Ely for gamer from all servers. We never sell hacked Ely to gamers and all La Tale Ely are hand-Farmed. We also buy game account and Ely from AFK gamers too! Now the game has been in service for more than 10 years, the Ely is on Sale now! To buy La Tale Ely, we are the best choice! Have a nice game!

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News List

  • La Tale Top Ten Classes List Will Be Added A Brand-New Demigod Class After Mercenary

    La Tale also called Latale by normal gamers who don’t know the Italian. I start playing LaTale in 2006 when it released, so I’m a pure veteran gamer of the game. The first class I played is Wizard, and selected the ice element as main ability. But it’s not cool nor power in PvP, just a decent class for PvE, and easy to d...

    2018-06-27 08:58:01

  • How Latale Still Keeping So Many Fans with Awful Cash Shop

    I started LaTale in 2005, where there are no hack tools, no scripts, and no awful in-game shop. The biggest motivation for me to continue the game constantly is the BGMs, which are most sounding music that I’ve heard in online games till now. ESTi is the most beloved BGM maker and one of my favorite musician in the world, who is sti...

    2018-05-12 09:08:04

  • How To Get Through Latale Scenario Quest Invoke?

    Latale is the most popular 2D transverse scrolling MMORPG in 2008-11, notable for its cute character & mobs design, and fantasy background music, as well as brilliant spells. Female gamers will always addict to the fashion cloth in Latale, which can decorate their avatar more beautiful and attractive, even if there’re no stats b...

    2017-07-20 09:13:34

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