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Latale Ely News & Guides

La Tale Top Ten Classes List Will Be Added A Brand-New Demigod Class After Mercenary

   LaTale Guides   PC Games   MMORPG   2018-06-27 08:58:01
La Tale also called Latale by normal gamers who don’t know the Italian. I start playing LaTale in 2006 when it released, so I’m a pure veteran gamer of the game. The first class I played is Wizard, and selected the ice element as main ability. But it’s not cool nor power in PvP, just a decent class for PvE, and easy to dead when get into siege. The game doesn’t features any hurt protection system like MapleStory, you are free of attack for two seconds after been attacked. As for Card Master, I see the description of this class on wiki: medium ranged fighter using cards, it’s weird and not in mainstream imo. Demigod Class will be the most powerful class during the following three months cuz official need to make it awesome to cheat gamer’s money.


LMAO you been complaining since day one, yet you refuse to move on. Clearly, the post was edited but don't act like the intent of the original post wasn't the same. You were asking for Papaya to do account transfers because the only accomplishment you had in life was getting level 220 on LaTale. A decent weapon will save you up to 20% farming time. A +9 Snow Queen Bow will improve your Treasure Hunter’s skills +2.
Will lumen have a part2 update .Because from my understanding there was meant to be a new pet system where your pet can gain skills. Also a thing with 4 monsters pet things that as they rank or lv gain u stats or something like that it’s something diff from normal pets. And seems to play a big part in physical damage.
As for the Demigod class itself, it will bring a brand new style of battle to La Tale. The class is magic based, which alternates periodically between Rage Mode and Divine Mode, wielding the Magic Rod for use in devastating close and long range combat. New Demigod class uses a stick to attack in mid-range by melee but it’s AoE, Arcadia is a decent farming dungeon for this class. Remember to buy enough Cheap Latale Ely before long term farming work. The Demigod class can be ranged from starting out as a Monk class, before advancing to the Battle Lord class, through to the Avenger class and finally, the Demigod class.
OGPlanet has announced that the Demigod Update for La Tale has officially launched. The Demigod class joins the available player classes and brings the number to sixty. In addition, players can look forward to high-level dungeons, new monsters and a slew of new content, quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

La Tale Demigod Class Revealed

We’ve mentioned many times the OGPlanet, what about this company for our La Tale? Sure, it’s the publisher(not developer) of our funny LaTale, we are all under this company’s control and buy what they released and accept all its overpriced items, power-ups, and charged mounts and leveling up properties. The musician ESTi endeavor into the BGMs and all their products are decent, but that becomes the money making tool of OGPlanet, and they should realize that if they still pushing this game to be more tough for new comers that will cause their own bankrupt. 
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