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Kritika Online Gold News & Guides

Kritika Online Daily Dungeons Claim from Alandra NPC Twice A Day

   PC Games   Kritika Online Guides   2018-06-27 09:07:30
Kritika Online Daily Dungeons Reward: 300k Gold & 1 Daily Box.
The daily box contains a rare gear includes but not limited by armor, weapon, accessories, quest items, etc. 300k gold isn’t very rich in the game, but it is enough for your potions. And you can use them to buy some power-ups for farming combats. Kritika Online special system includes quest system, team system, friend system, auction system, guild system, PvP system, and gearing system. All those systems associated together and reach a balance between each other. Do every one should strive for those two rewards, even if they buy our cheap gold.


The guy above is either joking or just being intentionally disruptive by giving you terrible advice. There are a lot of talks about class choice. Mages are currently and have been known to be underpowered compared to the rest of the classes. I think the aim of playing this game shouldn’t be reach endgame asap. Even if I’m also curious about what’ll happen when become stronger. Doom blades are currently and have always been overpowered. Psion is very strong. The rest of the classes are something along these lines Cat Vamp are good and simple. Valkyrie Assassin Zerker are good but require more effort.
I've noticed a decline in player count and many guilds haven't been recruiting anymore. I would like to be that person to help those in need of dailies, Abe/Titan runs, and dungeons that one cannot handle alone. Get in dungeons costs Resting Points, each map spend one of it. The more you played each day, the worse the loots you will get, so it's an anti-addiction system. How to refill the RP? There are two ways: use the RP potion(can be found in dev packs), or go to sleep and login tomorrow. If anyone is interested, feel free to whisper me, apply for the guild, or message me on Discord.
Both dungeons have good chances to drop other important materials like Fine Cloths, and Sharp Metal fragments. The developer have upped the crit chance required for 100% in other version and probably in our version in a later patch. The broken part is related to infinite cutting animation canceling when pressing the button multiple times during the animation. When they adjust the crit rate it should become more difficult to do that but it still won't be balanced unless they modify the imprint or force long animations.
If you have a problem with playing by yourself bad performance or have OCD for correct translations Kritika is not for you. Buy Cheap Kritika Online Gold to buy better weapons and armors to enhance your fighting power. If you don't have any issue with those things I think you should join the Kritika community and you will probably have fun till end game then maybe you will continue to enjoy yourself.

Kritika Online Daily Dungeons

Arena for Leveling is one of the most interesting and efficient way to gain exp while enjoy the game. Traditional PvP won’t rewards exp, so does Kritika, but you can claim quests relate to PvP to gain additional profits. Dungeoning is the best way to get decent gears, but the exp is just above average. Kritika Online accompanying us get through the childhood and now it’s getting old, will we save it by devoting our love and help to make it popular as it was in last year. 
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