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Far Cry New Dawn Credits News & Guides

Where To Farm Titanium In Far Cry New Dawn

To survive in the post-apocalyptic world of Far Cry New Dawn, you have to craft high-tier weaponry for defeat against tough enemies and even a vehicle or two waiting to make travel easier. Titanium is the specific resource for craft the mid- to high-level weapons and vehicles in Far Cry New Dawn. ( Most tier 3 and above weapons need titanium rods. ) however, Titanium are very rare and hard to find. To help you out, this guide will show you how to get titanium by hunting animals, completing expeditions and missions, and liberating outposts.

Titanium In Far Cry New Dawn

Where To Farm Titanium In Far Cry New Dawn?
Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to farm Titanium in Far Cry New Dawn. Now, we name those methods one by one. So, keep on reading.
Doing Expeditions
The easiest and best way to get Titanium Rods is by completing the Expeditions that are offered at Prosperity. Beating them on higher difficulties will also get you a bit more titanium. Most of these Expeditions are quite easy, once you get better guns and more skills.Playing in co-op also makes these easier.
Besides, as you explore more of the world, you’re bound to come across enemy trucks and cargo vehicles on the highway that you can loot at gunpoint. shoot the driver and open up the truck. From here, you might get some titanium.
Unlocking Safes
The main source for obtaining Titanium is opening safes, which only contain the valuable resource. These safes are scattered across the map and are mainly found in treasure map areas, enemy strongholds, and Expeditions. You need to use remote explosives or unlock the Lock Picking or Repair Torch perk to open the safes.
Hunting Animals
Usually, when you hunt and kill an animal in Far Cry New Dawn, you are rewarded with a pelt. However, some animals reward you with titanium. To save you time, here  is a list of the animals you need to hunt as well as the amount of titanium they will give when selling their skins in Far Cry New Dawn:
Level 2 Wolf skin: 30 titanium each
Level 3 Black Bear skin: 40 titanium each
Level 3 Grizzly Bear skin: 40 titanium each


Purchasing Crafting Materials Packs
The last way to get your hands on Titanium is by purchasing crafting packs by using Far Cry credits, Far Cry New Dawn's premium currency. These come in bundles of different sizes with some of the other materials that you can buy: small, rewarding 300 Titanium for 250 Far Cry credits, medium, rewarding 600 Titanium for 500 Far Cry credits and, lastly, large, rewarding 1380 Titanium for 1000 Far Cry credits. So, if you’re into microtransactions, you can try this way. If you don’t have enough credits, don’t worry. Come to for Cheap Far Cry New Dawn Credits. We offer the cheapest price online and promise a delivery within 15 minutes. So, have a try.

That’s all you need to know about farming Titanium in Far Cry New Dawn. For more guides and news, stay tuned to
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