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Aion Kinah News & Guides

Tips for AION Beginners – How to get Mounts?

   Aion Kinah   Aion Guides   2017-05-05 10:07:28
Aion is a mmorpg developed and published by NCSOFT for PC. Features PvP and PvE combat system, Aion was the biggest MMO release in recent years according to Ncsoft, with 400,000 pre orders in the US. Aion became the best selling PC game of 2009.

Mobility is key on the battlefield. Mounts can boosts your movement and flight speed. Some special mounts can even made to Sprit, which will temporary boost to movement speed.
So much introductions to AION Mounts, let’s get down to our business:
How to get a Mount in AION?
The town where you buy your house has an NPC that gives you a llimited mount. He also sells Mounts. You can get to that town at any level, even you are just start the game. You can buy meh ones in Oriel. Then you can get one with Kahrun tokens at the level of 60.

Or you can just borrow them. If you take the trial quest without achieving the tasks you get to use it for an hour, then it will be disappears and you can go get it again. But if you have Pernon or Oriel Scrolls things will be easy.
Mounts tend to come from events or cash shop though. Common event that you can buy the broker or players include the Cloud animbus mounts, Quick Frillneck, Shugo Gyrocoptor, Sleek Hovercycle, and the Afterburner.
I would also recommend the mounts from Tiamat Stronghold, which is a rare drop mount from the garden's big box after you defeat the Tahabata.

Actually, mounts are always bought from other players, it’s a super luxury item anyway and by no needs required.
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