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Aion Classic Kinah News And Guides

  • Aion Classic Boss Guide: How to Defeat Adjutant Anuhart

    Many people fear Anubhat's name - not because of his past stories, but because of what he will do in the future. Adjutant Anuhath is the senior adjutant of Tahabata's legion, and he is Tiamat's most trusted subordinate. Guarding the road in the Savage Gauntlet of Tiamat Fortress, he is one of the seven bosses. Don't be a...

    2023-12-09 09:48:19

  • Aion Guide: How to Make and Farm Aion Kinah fast

    Aion is a MMORPG developed and published by NCSOFT. Features multiple classes division and various of mobs and maps, the game story happened in the world of Atreia. AION Kinah Gold is the in-game currency, which will help you get throung the leveling up stage of throughout the whole game. This article helps you to get the best ways to farm AION Kin...

    2020-03-31 08:47:35

  • Complete Guide Before Playing Aion: Aion 4 Classes Guide

    Aion is a 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by NCsoft Korea. It was operated by Shanda Games Agent in mainland China on April 16, 2009. The theme of the work is “War”. The story is about the conflict between the Dragon, the Lord God and the Dragon. Players can choose between the Tianzu and the Mozu, while ...

    2019-07-31 09:07:02

  • Aion New Tricks Provide Extra Pleasure After Shutting Down

    More than many gamers of Aion establish their own guild in the game to appeal more veteran warriors joining their own crowd to enhance their fighting and defensing ability to stand stable in the fantasy world. After several depression period I though the game’s official AION Forum should have been closed or about to shut down but I were wrong...

    2018-05-10 09:00:02

  • Best Aion 6.0 Gladiator & Templar Build Guide

    Aion Warrior can be built in Gladiator and Templar, so which is the best choice for PvP or PvE in Aion?   This guide mainly focused on introducing the two kinds of build to readers, and the difference between this two kinds of build. Indicated by official site description, the Gladiator is good at deal damages instead of defensing. They use ...

    2018-02-01 09:37:41

  • Tips for Getting More AP in Aion Abyss

    What is Abyss Point(AP)? Abyss Point is one of the two major currency of Aion, forms an important part of this game. Different from Aion Kinah, The AP can be only get/use in Abyss. The special currency can be used to purchase Abyss exclusive equipment, those equipment are much more better in attributes than their same level normal equipment in Aio...

    2017-12-04 08:49:54

  • Aion guide: How to start PVP?

    Aion is a MMORPG like WOW, but different in pvp or pve between times. Features grand world map, two major opposit factions, plenty of class, weapons, items, mounts and spells, the Aion world was full of fantasy ventures.   PVP in Aion comes into two major types. First is the Abyss, which is a PVPVE area of the game where battle can be done a...

    2017-05-16 09:01:11

  • Tips for AION Beginners – How to get Mounts?

    Aion is a mmorpg developed and published by NCSOFT for PC. Features PvP and PvE combat system, Aion was the biggest MMO release in recent years according to Ncsoft, with 400,000 pre orders in the US. Aion became the best selling PC game of 2009.   Mobility is key on the battlefield. Mounts can boosts your movement and flight speed. Some ...

    2017-05-05 10:07:28

  • How to fly in AION? Tips and Tactics for Beginners!

    AION is a MMORPG released by NCSOFT and it’s one of the most popular online games in the world. Numerous of players are exploring, fighting and trading together in the vast world. But sometimes it’s not so convenient for players to walk through a long distance. There’s a short pass in sky. Here’re tips of how to fly in the g...

    2017-04-06 09:00:51

  • AION-EU’s Solorius Contest Brings Amazing Gifts

    The European version of AION’s Solorius festival brings a new contest that gives players a chance to win very special prizes. Players of AION EU can take part in a special contest for a chance at special ROCCAT peripherals, a little plush Shugo, and additional in-game rewards. Until January 1, 2017, Each participant may only apply for...

    2016-12-21 11:15:46

  • AION EU Showcases Upcoming Christmas Events

    AION is a free-to-play MMORPG published by Gameforge in Europe. The Korean MMORPG developed by NCSoft has a really famous set of winter and Christmas events that happen every year. Once again, Aion is getting a bunch of events, holiday exclusives, and more in the next couple of months. Players are very excited for the towns to be filled wit...

    2016-12-21 11:08:58

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