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Revelation Online Imperial Coins News & Guides

Revelation Online: Guides of Mounts, Leveling, Gearing

Revelation Online is a MMORPG developed by NetEase published on 2013. In Europe and North America, it was published by The game combined PVP and PVE elements in a Chinese fantasy background.
Features open world, PVE, PVE, Multiple-classes, mounts battle, aerial battle, multiple language supported English, French, German, and Russian, Revelation was powered by private engine BigBang and notable for its special growth system.

Class – At the very beginning, you should class for your avatar to start Revelation Online. There’re total Six main classes in the game: Gunslinger, Blademaster, Spiritshaper, Vanguard, Swordmage, and Occultist. Gunslinger is a long range physical DPS, use guns deals humongous damages but lack of melee combat ability. Blademaster Blademaster, on contrary, excel in melee physical damage, and they got excellent control and escape skills which allows them to cut through wave after wave of enemies. Spiritshaper make use of ranged magic spells deal damage and heals. Vanguard is a wall of steel in the frontline, they are willing to absort great dameges to protect allies. Swordmage is a master of elements, they usually have great mobility and ability of crowd control, features area of effect spells. Occultists are a good all-round class, they can either heal allies or deliver decent amount of DPS towards armies, but they neither master of both aspect. You can pick up one of the six class as you like, improve your battle skills during the combat, and finally grow up to be the savior of the world.
Leveling up – Most of the early leveling in the game is done through questing. The quests are devided into five fractions, the main line quest is orange quests in which you can get huge amount of reward include some unattainable item from any other ways, the the quests also gains you enough exp for you to reach level 20. Daily quest are helpful when you are heavy addicted user. Once you reached lv.20, you will able to unlock the daily & weekly activity window. You get from the Four Kings daily trials humongous of EXP. Aside from questing, the main source of both EXP and loots is through dungeon. In order to gain maxium rewards from dungeons, we should challenge the best dungeons that you can handle due to the limited times of daily dungeons.

Buff – Cold Shackles, Elemental Rhythm, Frigid Aura, Celestial Aura, Cunning Step, Temporary Starshield. Each Buff provide assistant during a battle, especially effective in high level battles. Cold Shackles enable you the ability to freeze opponents by chance, as well as the enimies around the target. Elemental Rhythm allows your attack attatch Fire/Ice/Storm elements extra damages. Frigid Aure can automatically damages enemies aroud you. Celestial Aura provide mana support for all allies closed. Cunning Step provide you the ability to transport from a short distance. Temporary Starshield makes you immune to damage for 5 seconds, but side effects is you cannot attack as well.
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