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The Division 2 News & Guides

The Division 2 Exotics Guide: Complete List Of Exotic Weapons And How To Get Them

The Exotics are some of the best weapons in The Division 2, with awesome looking and added stat boosts. However, they are hard to get. Players can get them by a lot of grinding and praying to the random loot drops. To obtain the most powerful versions of these weapons possible, you have to wait until you're at WT4 (or WT5 if it's available) So far, only a few of them have been discovered yet. This The Division Exotics Guide covers a complete list of all exotics available right now, along with how to get each of them.

Exotic Weapons

Division 2 Exotic Shotgun: Lullaby
The Lullaby Exotic SPAS-12. It’s an absolute beast, with 2.1k in damage, 70RPM, and a 5.4 second reload. It also comes with the Lullaby Perk and the Evasive perk. Players can get it by pre-ordering The Division from Amazon or buying The Capitol Defender Pack. You can’t get it in-game, at least at the time of writing.
Division 2 exotic Assault Rifle: Ruthless
The Ruthless is a rifle that deals 300 in damage, fires 260 rounds per minute, and holds 30 to the mag. It has a critical strike range of 10-60m and reloads in 2.5s. players can get it by pre-ordering the The Division 2 Ultimate Edition.
Destiny 2 Exotic SMG: Chatterbox
The Chatterbox Exotic P90 SMG is another exotic weapon in The Division 2. To unlock a Chatterbox Exotic you have to open Hyena chests with Hyena keys which drop out from a specific kind of enemy: the Hyenas. You can find Hyena chests from doing missions in one of 4 locations: Judiciary Square, Downtown East, Downtown West, and the Federal Triangle. Once you pick up parts for your Chatterbox Exotic, you have to combine it with the blueprint for the weapon, which you have to get from playing Bank Headquarters on Challenging difficulty.


Division 2 Exotic Pistol: Liberty
Liberty is an Exotic Desert Eagle. To unlock a liberty exotic, first, make sure you have acquired D50 as a loot weapon from the crates. Once done, complete the Capitol Building Stronghold to collect the first component of the Exotic Weapon from the boss enemy on the rooftop. Then complete the three missions: American History Museum, Viewpoint Museum, Space Administration HQ ,where boss-enemies drop the weapon’s component. After you’ve got all the essential components, you can  craft Liberty at the workbench at the White House with the following materials. You can buy some materials with Cheap The Division 2 Credits at With a coupon code “MMOCSVIP”, you can enjoy 3% off.

x19 Polycarbonate
x15 Carbon Fiber
x45 Receiver Components
x1 D-50
Division 2 Exotic Shotgun: Sweet Dreams
The Sweet Dreams weapon is also a Exotic weapon in The Division 2. Claiming the shotgun requires completing the Roosevelt Island Stronghold mission on the “Challenging” difficulty setting.
Division 2 Exotic Assault Rifle: Merciless
The Merciless exotic is one of the randomized drops that you can get in The Division 2. In short, you'll just need to keep grinding out hard activities at level 30 or above to stand a chance of getting it.
That’s are all the exotic weapons now available in The Division 2. For more news and guides, stay tuned to
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