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Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy News & Guides

Guide on the Best 3 Gold Hero of Dota 2 Auto Chess

   Dota 2 Auto Chess Guide   Dota2 Auto Chess   2019-03-28 08:44:58
According to you, top 3 Gold troops should be in Dota Auto Chess which will be the best choice when the probability of 3 Gold is much lower than 2 Gold and 1 Gold, to achieve level 3 is very difficult, with suggest The following idea hopes to have more references for your strategy with 3 Gold troops, so it should be included in Dota Auto Chess.
Each type of military in Dota Auto Chess has different advantages and disadvantages and so 3 Gold troops should be included in Dota Auto Chess. However, none of the games are fully balanced and there are always combo heroes that outperform the rest. In the position of 3 Gold troops will be very difficult to get 2-3 level 3 children, luckily you can get 2 children and not only 1. So, which of the 3 Gold units should I choose in Dota Auto Chess suitable for your squad?

dota2 auto chess

1.Lycan - Human / Beast
Referring to the top 3 Gold troops should be in Dota Auto Chess, the Lycan is a position that cannot be ignored when fully meeting the criteria of a hero in battle. The blood is quite buffalo, and it can be summoned to summon two wolves compared to Lycan's strong damage. Lycan is suitable for both Team Human and Beast when it has the ability to +% Attack damage to the entire team on terrain.
2.Shadow Fiend - Demon / Warlock
If you mention the hero that deals the highest amount of damage, the Shadow Fiend is the hero who holds the current position No. 1. The large amount of damage along with the ability to attack quickly is the strong point of this hero. Of course clearing that is the "weak physiology" of this hero. Also a Demon so if it is the only player, it will be Shadow Fiend + 50% damage to pure, and after killing the enemy will activate + soul.

3.Razor - Elementals / Mage
The elementals classes are not necessarily too powerful in Dota Auto Chess, but knowing how to use the right time and combos properly, their power can really destroy any formation. Razor not only possesses a large amount of blood, his ability to attack quickly, but his hero's Lightning ability hits a large area with powerful damage. If you play according to Elementals only 2 heroes or 3 Mages are enough to quickly destroy any enemy.
Above is the top 3 Gold troops should be in Dota Auto Chess, and as mentioned at the beginning of the selection of 3 Gold troops should be in Dota Auto Chess is very important because it only appears a lot in the middle of the game, measure it Reasonable selection will help you win the game.
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