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PC Games

  • Roblox Guide: How to Play Escape Gramdmas House Obby!

    Before the guide starts, I strong suggest you play the game for one time by yourself!   Hi guys and cuties, today I’d like to share you the walkthrough of the Roblox Escape Grandmas House Obby! The game was made by Packstabber Obby, I don’t know him but the game is really good and friendly for all ages of gamers. The first time I...

    2018-03-15 09:18:16

  • Darkfall Warrior Build Guide 2018 for Beginners

    Darkfall isn’t the best MMORPG in the market, but why it still attracted so many gamers during the past several years? There’re some exclusive gameplay elements that other games didn’t featured, and confirmed to be gruesome interesting and kid-friendly. If you are a veteran gamer of the Warrior in the game, you can skip this guide...

    2018-03-15 09:08:34

  • 3 Awesome Tips for Dungeons & Dragons Online Barbarian DPS Build

    Dungeons & Dragons Online is a PC video game, support multi-player playing simultaneously together in one map. There are Dragonmarked Houses, Giant Civilization, fantasy outdoor environments, and many distinctive classes(11 till now). Players should to follow the tutorial to start and familiarize the control and dailies of the game. Once the tu...

    2018-03-14 08:45:33

  • How to Make Ecol Tactics Gold Faster Step by Step

    Ecol Tactics is a fantasy game that suits for all age groups, if you want to enjoy a different style MMORPG, but you have no good idea what to play, just join our Ecol Tactics army! Today’s guide for Ecol Tactics will teach you of awesome tricks of how to make more gold in the game by quests rewards and third-party gold recharge service. We w...

    2018-03-13 09:04:14

  • City of Heroes Build Guide for Blaster to Win More in PvP

    Cryptic Studios Paragon Studios is the developer of the game City of Heroes, and NCSOFT is the publisher of it. They collaboratively released the game for gamers on PC and Mac. Since 2004 the debut in North America, the game has been in service for nearly 14 years. If the game is a boy, he now study at a middle school. That’s a long time for ...

    2018-03-12 09:26:28

  • Soul Worker Open Beta Gaming Experience & Guide 2018 March Debut

    Soul Worker is the newest Japanese anime style online video game. This game follows the traditional MMORPG gameplay models, providing a fantasy outlandish graphics and character settings and its unique combat system for gamers. Now the game is just on open beta stage, you can go to the official website SoulWorker to get a Beta Account, the game pro...

    2018-03-10 08:40:55

  • Kal Online Best Method to Be PvP Master

    Kal Online is a MMORPG developed by Korean video game company Inixsoft in 2004. The game has been very popular on PC for more than a decade. This is an online game encourages players communicate and teamwork together to conquer power mobs, bosses, dungeons, and other in-game quests or scenario plots.   How to be stronger in Kal Online? This...

    2017-12-04 09:18:37

  • Fortnite Season 9 Overtime Challenges List Guide

    What is the Fortnite Overtime Challenge for Season 9? We have been playing several games on the Epic Games Island for the past two years, but after ten standard challenges, we will not transition to the next season: Fortnite The release date for the 10th season has been postponed for a few weeks, and we need more activities to keep moving. &...

    2019-07-25 08:55:51

  • How To Perform A Finisher In Apex Legends For PS4, PC And Xbox One

    After you've downed an enemy in Apex Legends, you're given the chance to perform a finisher to truly eliminate a downed enemy in the face of your opponents. However, sometimes it would be pretty risky for you to do so. So, today, our Apex Legends finishers guide will be walking you through how to perform these executions and finishing moves...

    2019-03-01 08:46:28

  • Rainbow Six Siege Made Aesthetic Changes on Art and Maps to Fit Asian Regulation

    Ubisoft announced that Rainbow Six Siege is coming to Asian territories and with that there will be some cosmetic changes that will arrive with a single, unified version of the game to fit Asian regulation. The single global version will still have differences per region. China will have its own servers and cosmetic items for example. As you can se...

    2018-11-05 09:15:54

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