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Dofus Guides

  • Dofus Sadida Summoner Gameplay Tips for Update 2.47

    Once looking at the trailer or advertising post, there’s an illusion that the game is designed for child. But you know no turn-based video game is easy to master, especially turn-based games, they mostly produced for adults and college students. Dofus has many classes, and each of them features lots of skills. The game’s element system ...

    2018-07-07 09:09:20

  • Dofus 2018 Finale DreamHack Tours Guide World Series Event

    This is a busy 2018. The football circle will welcome the 21th FIFA World Cup, and the Dofus will welcome the biggest event during the entire lifespan in 21th century. We Dofus gamers can play the game on mobile phone, computer, console, and any devices support Flash. So the fandom base of Dofus the turn-based tactical video game should be much mor...

    2018-06-14 08:49:22

  • Dofus Norrdeal Quest Guide & 2.47 Breeding Changes

    Dofus is the best turn-based fighting online game I knew in the past decade. When you want to have a rest but do not want to move your eye away from screen, Dofus is your best choice in summer vacation or in winter vacation. Student’s best online game besides study and adult’s most healthy video game after work in the world – Anka...

    2018-05-26 09:17:06

  • Dofus How to Master Professions & Leveling Faster

    Dofus is a fantasy free-to-play online game features various of classes, professions, gears, mobs, maps, battle arenas and cute graphics, luring more and more young people joining the game. Due to the complexity of the PvP and PvE system, beginners always lost direction at the beginning stage of the game to detour. If you want to level up faster, t...

    2017-11-08 09:10:22

  • Dofus High-End Tips for Veteran Gamers

    Dofus has been in service for more than a decade but also active in fandom. Date back to the release date, World of Warcraft are in its heydays, but now the entire online video games are suffering from the MOBA game’s rising. Although near nine-tenth of youth switch to devote themselves into mobile moba games, Dofus has its own solid fans bas...

    2017-10-26 10:08:50

  • Dofus Quick Level Up Guide for All Classes & Levels

    Dofus is a turn-based massive multi-player online role-playing game, suit for all age groups and genders. Thanks to its turn-based combat style, the game doesn’t requires too much handling. Dissimilar with many real-time action games, which requires superb subtle operations to reach combos in attack and make agile reactions towards opponents&...

    2017-10-16 08:32:49

  • Dofus Sidekick Roster Mastering Introduction

    Dofus is a free-to-play game but it also can be played in pay-to-win mode if you have time and passion adequately. Like a partner, but absolutely not a partner in nature, sidekicks are character-like weapon equipped by gamer and summoned in battle arena when in fighting. Just like weapons’ attributes and level restriction, sidekicks also poss...

    2017-09-28 08:25:38

  • Awesome Tips for DOFUS Ouginak Gameplay

    Dofus has total 17 classes for games to create their unique character, and provides the rights to decide their avatar’s appearance and basic abilities and their further developing routes. Once done, you’re supposed follow the tutorial quests to get familiar with the operation and maps and any other importance of the game. Ouginak is a ...

    2017-09-09 08:32:55

  • Dofus Foggernaut Godlike Gameplay Handbook

    Every time Foggernaut brew his charming spells, they summon fixed but powerful artilleries for their combat. They exert their wise and modernized gadget to disturb, to bombard all enemies in their field of vision. All spells or gameplay of Foggernaut are based on their summoned turrets, not only that, nearly all of their damage output come from tac...

    2017-08-22 08:35:21

  • Dofus Feca Spells Weapons Positioning Strategy

    Dofus is a fantasy turn-based MMORPG developed and published by Ankama Studio. Akin to common MMORPG, Dofus provide a pile of classes for gamer to choose when creating characters. Different class has different features and playing style, you ought to practice your battle skills and grasp the interval to cast combos. Once you create a Feca character...

    2017-08-07 08:48:01

  • Dofus Touch Enutrof Guide for Beginner

    Dofus Touch is a fantasy turn-based tactic MMORPG, features total 15 distinctive classes for players. Enutrof is one of the massive classes, tend to be an assistant class in Dofus Touch. Most of beginners won’t choose this class for their first character, except for some girl players.   Dofus Touch isn’t a solo dungeon game ...

    2017-07-28 08:57:03

  • Dofus Class & Spells Introduction Eniripsa Chapter

    Eniripas is a professional healer in Dofus, features various of healing spells as well as beneficial buff spells. Due to the insufficient ability of solo PvP or grinding, Eniripas always appears as a team member identity to act as an assist for allies. They also have the ability to deal damages to enemies when their allies are in the full condition...

    2017-07-18 08:50:43

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