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STO Guide for 2018 New Edition

   Star Trek Online Credits   2018-01-16 09:00:52
Star Trek Online is the most popular aero combat MMORPG in the market, based on the film series Star Trek, developed and published by Cryptic Studios for PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox one in Northern America, Europe, Australia in 2010 February, console version was released in 2016. Every gamer takes charge in a fleet travel around the grand world map, by choosing their favorite class and factions from Sci, Tac, Eng, and Federation, Klingon Empire, and Romulan. There’re also land combat in the game, you need to master both of the two combat skills and do quests and explore as spacious territory as you can reach. So you need a STO Guide for you journey. We are one of the most professional Star Trek Online Guide station, provide not only in-time news and guides of the game, but also cheap and safe STO Credits and Master Key. You can exchange some special items in the game with the key. Buy now to enjoy the discount. Following content major focus on beginner tips, mark our site for reference.

STO Guide Credits Fleet

You need to create every thing by yourself to start the game, tutorials are also assistive but not compulsive. Still, we recommend you follow it because it was made by developer so that is the best guide for you. In character creation, you'll have to make a choice. Do you want to be really good at ground combat or space combat? Maybe you want to be a little good at both, and that's an alternative. However, many of the traits you can select from are geared towards emphasizing one way or another. May be you want to buy Cheap STO Credits, you are in the right place! We is the best store for that product. The store is one of the most professional online game currency store that offer lowest price and highest service and fastest deliver efficiency. Warp core theorist, for instance, will help with your ship's energy levels -- a useful thing to have when you're trying to reroute all power to shields or weapons.
Ships can not be judged by only good or bad, even lower stats fleets/ships may feature their own pros, while advanced ships has their cons, in comparison. Leveling from Lieutenant to Captain you can try out the different types of free leveling ships, even one outside of your comfort zone. Recharge Star Trek Online Energy Credits from, here is a portal for you to join our Affiliate Program fast, in which you can earn money and in-game currency by propagating our site. This so you have a basic understanding of the strengths/weaknesses of escorts, cruisers, sci ships and carriers when you are above lv.50, when it starts to matter more, as you spend cash to buy nice fleets. Again, STO is not pay-to-win, do not expect to buy an expensive fleet/armor with real cash and just hop in, turn the key and have a steamrolling murder-boat out of the box. So keep your composure.
At the end of the second mission you can get third crew member – Sci/Tacyhon beam. you've also probably made lv.2, and gained the power evasive maneuvers. In missions you may get a choice – if given, try to take the choice for your career or diplomacy if available – usually that’s for an accolade or more rewards. Relief yourself from endless/repetitive quests now by ordering STO Master Key from here. – Best online shop for STO Guide and STO Credits. Follow the instructions and walkthroughs for an awesome gameplay, let your companions amazed by your grand change in the game, and even made a name on the monthly leaderboard. 
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