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NosTale Gold News & Guides

NosTale Guide for Farming, Leveling, and Questing

   NosTale Guide   2018-01-17 09:09:01
NosTale is a free-to-play anime graphics MMORPG developed by Entwell, published by Gameforge 4D GmbH for PC in 2017. Now the game is one of the most popular and hot video game on PC, many of us are indulging in it can’t help! So if you are new here and need a Comprehensive NosTale Guide for your starting stage of the game, or a considerable veteran that need advanced awesome tips for further progress in the game, you are now in the right position.

NosTale Gold Store

Make sure to take screenshots. Taking screenshots of trade agreements and trade windows is a way to ensure a clear recording for yourself of the purpose and result of the trade. It is also essential when submitting a report about a scam. There is no need to rush through the trading process. When you are doing trades of weapons, gears, pets and other items, you will need gold, it’s the major currency of the game. You can buy Cheap NosTale Gold from us now, 3%-off coupon for you: MMOCSVIP. You can move the trade window so that chat is visible, and you can also click on the specific form of chat used such as Whisper tab, so that you can take a screenshot of ALL the trade agreement. Remember, you can expand the chat box to get more of your chat into one screenshot by hovering your mouse under the chat tabs, press and hold left-click, and dragging the chat box up and down as desired.
In NosTale there are basic or passive skills, combat or active skills and additional skills. They can be learned from Calvin Coach in Nosville, Doggo in Krem and Alfred Erudio in Port Alveus. We are the professional news station for NosTale, we offer most timely NosTale News every week for our customer. Passive Skills increase your passive abilities like HP/MP, defence, attack, recovery etc. They do not need to be applied separately. To learn them, you need the corresponding combat level and gold. The basic skills have 4 levels: Beginner, low, intermediate and advanced. A low level is not a requirement for a more advanced level. Active or Combat Skills require gold, a particular job level and CP. For every job level you receive 2 CP. To use combat skills, simply drag them into your quick slot and double click on them or use the quick slot hotkey. You can check NosTale Official Website for details and further helps. Additional skills improve your combat skills or give them special abilities like an increased range. They require, as with combat skills, a particular job level, gold and CP. Every skill can have up to 4 additional skills, however only with 1 additional skill for every symbol.
I played the mage class in Nostale. The benefits of being a holy mage are wide since you will be needed in nearly every aspect of the game. Be it in LoD, FC, Questing, Raiding, protecting etc. Being able to heal definitely speeds up any team and allowing progress to be made smoothly. Buy NosTale Gold on Sale at, where is the best place for you to buy cheap and safe NosTale Gold online without any worry and delay. As a holy mage you have the capabilities to solo LoD with less casualties in pots, fos and resting time. Another benefit would be that damage in pvp is halved but heals are not. Blessing prevent criticals which is extremely useful in FC and PvP.

NosTale Best Tips for Trading

As for pet training, once you have the attack grade where you want it, press S. Make sure there's an S and not D or any other letter next to your name on the pet. Then start spamming 8 trainers, adding one every time one disappears. By having the pet in S mode, it won't attack back, thus you get more use out of the pet trainers to up defense grade. Just make sure your pet is kept healed in some way. Having a mage around helps a lot to aura it. If not, then use some cheap foods or something. is the best store for NosTale Gold. We offer Affiliate Program for all customers and new comers. Everyone signed up here can publish their affiliate links on their social media pages to attract customers for us, and take 5% profits of the orders. You can make an extra income from this awesome program here. We’d like to continue to keep posting best NosTale Patch News for you, we’re about to construct our site to be top news station of NosTale online. Wish you can enjoy our service here!
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