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Realm Royale Crowns News & Guides

Realm Royale Beginners Guide: How to start?

Developed by Heroic Leap Games, Realm Royale is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles. In this gameplay, there are four classes for you to choose, including Warrior, Hunter, Assassin, and Mage. Each Class has its own unique advantages with weapons and abilities. In Realm Royale, you can control one of these characters, and utilize both weapons and abilities to conquer the Realm and be the last player standing.


Like other battle royale games, Realm Royale starts with the same premise as the rest: Drop 100 players onto a map, and let them battle it out until one player or team is left standing. Other familiar hallmarks of the genre are here, too: There are areas of the map with specific names and designs, the entire map is littered with random gear, and a circle will slowly enclose around a center point forcing players to get closer and duke it out.
As a result, Realm Royale is already one of the top five most viewed games on Twitch after launching earlier this month on June 5. However, it still doesn’t have a dedicated forum or even an official website to offer any guidance for new players. So we’re here to help. Here’s what to know about the latest battle royale game from Hi-Rez Studios.
There are five classes to choose from in Realm Royale: Warrior, Engineer, Assassin, Mage, and Hunter. Each comes with a unique passive ability which will factor in your choosing of class. Each of the five has the same health and armour capacity, but perks to boost those will help greatly in your first few games. The Warrior is an ideal first class because of his passive ability to regain health at five points per second. Relying less on potions gives you a chance to focus learning weapons and scouting the land.
If you are coming from Fortnite then this game has some similarities in the overall feel of the game. The graphic style and feel of the guns is similar, but the big difference is there's no building or ability to destroy the environment or structures. Aggressively pushing your enemies in this game is usually a bad idea unless you have the cover and weaponry to support it. Fortnite is more gun focused, while Realm Royale has guns, a major part of the game revolves around your class abilities.
Realm Royale's also all about shooting your enemies and for this you'll want a mouse sensitivity that you're comfortable using. We'd recommend setting it at around 400 or 800DPI and tinkering with the in-game sensitivity settings before testing it out in a match. Doing this will make a world of difference to your game!
Realm Royale Crowns are the essential currencies that you can use them to unlock the Battle Pass or purchase new cosmetic items and Realm Royal skins for characters & mounts. Of course, you can get crowns by playing the game. But not everyone has the time to play Realm Royale constantly and keep themselves stocked with a steady supply of crowns, and as such there are probably plenty of people trying to figure out how to Top Up Realm Royale Crowns and how much they cost. Today, there is a shortcut for you. We reliable game store offers Cheap Realm Royale Crowns for Sale, order now, you can enjoy 50% off price each order. Do not miss the chance!
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